‘Eight Days A Week at the Bluecoat’

Axel Hoeptner, Liverpool Artists’ Portraits. November 3 –9 2008

The Liverpool Portraiture project emerged from Axel Hoeptner’s well established role as a portraitist of Cologne artists. About three years ago, when contemplating the links between artists from Cologne and Liverpool in the company, amongst others, of Juergen Kisters, Axel at one point, very spontaneously, said ‘why don’t I make portraits of Liverpool artists, just as have been doing here, in Cologne, for many years now?'
The residency at the Bluecoat this autumn will be an excellent opportunity for Axel Hoeptner to continue the work started in March and April 2008 when this project was privately funded. During two intensive weekends, three portraits each of ten Liverpool artists were created, most of whom with a Cologne connection. He hopes to add a similar number of Liverpool artists to his portraiture portfolio when he will be working at the Bluecoat in November 2008.