‘Eight Days A Week at the Bluecoat’
Walter Wolf & Hermann Geschaider
17th - 23 th November 2008

After an exhibition in 2000 and a later residency in the Printmaking Department of Liverpool Art School Walter Wolf is interested to realize a new project in the Bluecoat. He would like to use the opportunity to realise one single work by collaborating with Hermann Geschaider, who is based in Cologne and near Salzburg / Austria. Hermann makes sculpture and printmaking and has been working as an artist for over 20 years. The creative relationship has been established for a couple of years and it gets more and more interesting since they met in Berlin, when they were part of the same exhibition. They both agreed that it might be the best to work not only in the city, but to work with the city. That means to use material which they will get and find in Liverpool, taking photographs to get some new inspiration to develop a work in progress.