‘Eight Days A Week at the Bluecoat’
Wolfgang Luettgens ‘View’
November 10th – 16th

Wolfgang Luettgens

A central theme of the black wall piece is the outside space.
Different sized photodots (8 -20 mm) are describing the city of liverpool.
In a second artwork the inside space is the central theme.
Photos, taken from the studio itself, will be used for a digital collage.

The relationship between outside world and inside/inner world and the meaning of truthfulness in photography are my interests. Size and position of the wall piece and the picture depends from architectural relationships and the character of the room and it will be determined at the space itself. In a first step I visited Liverpool and made photos of the city and the studio. This pictures are the basic for the wallpiece and for my digital collaging . Finally in the Project Space in Liverpool I´ll realize the wall picture with selected outcuttings from the “Liverpoolphotos”.