Sat 13 December 12.30-2pm
Liverpool/Cologne Artists’ Discussion

Since October, Eight Days A Week, the ongoing artists exchange programme between Liverpool and its German twin city of Cologne has set up a project space at the Bluecoat. Some of the artists involved and Jürgen Kisters, Cologne critic and writer, discuss the programme and the future of this 10-year programme.

Eight Days A Week, artists from Liverpool and Cologne taking part in a unique cultural exchange through an ongoing programme of exhibitions, residencies, films, performances, discussions and publications. Eight Days A Week seeks to develop creative dialogue between the cities of Liverpool and Cologne through an ongoing cultural exchange programme that promotes greater awareness and understanding of each other. Collaboration is at its heart, providing opportunities for artists and other individuals, venues and organisations in both cities to participate. Its focus is on the contemporary arts and on developing access to them through educational and other partnerships.

Eight Days A Week are taking out a 3 month lease on the ‘Artist in Residence Space at the Bluecoat’, as a contribution to ‘Liverpool European Capital of Culture’, to function as an activity and resource space for artists from October 1st – December 31st 2008. This will provide a base for a range of creative activities where artists from Liverpool and Cologne can continue the unique cultural exchange programme to develop links with educational and cultural institutions in the city. Artists’ Discussion Forums and Open Days
Eight Days A Week will also be hosting discussion groups, educational workshops and Open Days in the ‘Project Space’ to explore different artists’ practices in a European context and to generate informed and critical public debate around contemporary art and culture.
Most projects will be conducting ‘Open Days’ from 2.00 – 5.00pm on the Saturday of the Project, however please check the website to confirm details. Further Information on Eight Days A Week:
Email: pclarke2@uclan.ac.uk
Website: www.eightdaysaweek.org.uk

Artist Discussion Forums

The Project Space will establish greater visibility for 8DAW and provide a solid presence during Capital of Culture by facilitating discussion and Open Days for the Project Space. In exchange for working in the ‘Project Space’ rent free the Project Space artists will be asked to participate in an Open Day and/or educational workshop to profile their work.

Further Information and proposals to be emailed to Eight Days A Week:
Email: pclarke2@uclan.ac.uk
Website: www.eightdaysaweek.org.uk


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