Myth and reality of the city of Liverpool in the past and in contemporary documentary films by the artist David Jacques
On the occasion of the exhibition of works by artist David Jacques Liverpool are the history and current social situation of the northwest English port city of Liverpool in the center of a film and discussion evening. Shown below is another of the documentary "In the cellars of Liverpool" from the year 1965. In striking black and white images, the city of Liverpool is shown is dominated by the then-new Beat movement, with the songs and the appearance of the Beatles from Liverpool conquered the West and Japan. The focus, however, are not the Beatles, but the atmosphere of Liverpool, the reality of life in the city and people's desire. The phase in which the Beatles Liverpool boosted determined today decisively the self-understanding of many Liverpool and the myth of the city. Perhaps similar to the carnival shape the self-understanding of Cologne and the Cologne myth. This historical film recordings are at the time jump of nearly fifty years, the latest films of the Liverpool artist David Jacques aside. Jacques films act as his painted images of the living and working conditions of people in Liverpool in the early 21st Century. They deal with history of social and political consciousness. To capture a vivid and intellectual bridge to Cologne, if time allows, also the documentary "Cologne 1945" shown in Cologne It documents the final weeks of World War II and in the early months of the war. The film shows the city in ruins and leads so that the situation in mind, which was the starting point for the development of the modern, the modern city of Cologne. The movie night and the possible conversations to follow the concerns of post-war history and the myth of the two cities, Liverpool and Cologne, relate to each other. Both are traditional port cities and towns of world renown. Both are cities with a strong Catholic tradition and great cathedrals in the center of the cityscape. Both are cities with a strong tradition of working, high unemployment and a high immigrant population, and what is striking that people in both cities celebrate their history and mentality with an open displaying their pride.

Screening and Discussion
Church of St. Theodore
Castle Road 42, 51107 Cologne, Tel: 0221-872280
11th October 2012, 19 clock