18. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE - body-motion-life

Two video installations of the Liverpool artist Gina Czarnecki
We are a body in the world, and our experience is first and foremost physical taught. The body is for us a matter of course, and also a mystery. It is the place of our greatest joy and our greatest fear. This (naked) body Gina Czarnecki brings in her video installations as well as charming irritating ways. If we make it on to the body of another person, who is also our own body. We (he) know each other again in the body of the other, which appears as a projection in moving pictures on the wall-sized screen. Just as we once our own bodies for the first time in the mirror considered as a unit. A unity that can not be shaken, and in every moment we have to stand up to all kinds of troublesome external and internal impulses and stimuli. This body, it shows Czarnecki, is basically a body in motion and transformation. Movement and transformation - that is the principle of our (physical) existence. The born in 1965 in Immingham artist presents in her video "Quarantine" forty-five minutes the naked upper body of a dancer, the rowing incessantly with the poor as it related to their lives. She gesticulates, she swims, she fidgets, she punches - they are never rested a moment, and you will be given a moment alone. In these forty-five minutes the dancing woman is in her undisguised nudity and movement through all the possible facets of human being. And thus the viewer's response to it. There are haste and anxiety, fatigue and soothing, persistence and perseverance. There's anger, effort, aggression and despair. There's strength, vulnerability and helplessness. There's lust, fear, excitement, intentional action, and self-forgetfulness. Czarnecki succeeds in this video-not least because of the large projection-elemental physical and mental states beyond the mere representation of a body in motion to make visible and aware.
In a long-standing tradition of artists that make the existential drama of our lives for artistic theme, Czarnecki shows the body as the constant content of an art that goes all out. Where it has the infinite circulation of desire and the indissoluble interweaving of life and death in his sights. Of the art of archaic body representations and medieval depictions of the crucifixion body images of Otto Dix, Francis Bacon and Alberto Giacometti, the Körperbildnereien a Louise Bourgoise and body performances of Marina Abramovic to the body videos of Gina Czarnecki extends a continuous band. The levels of performance, dance, film and art blur in Czarneckis video installations. The same goes for her video "CellMass". The individual human body is doubled to tripled, multiplied and as a figure seen in transitions. Movement and transformation are an experience, and the other is the resolution of the human form in a nameless mass of cells. We come from the diffuse elements and go back into the diffuse elements. Impressively Czarnecki makes the relativity of our individual existence visible. We tend to disappear into the crowd, and we long to disappear into the crowd. Perhaps this conceals even our search for the lost continuity by responding to the infinite flow of the cells. As in a dream we are in Czarneckis video moves through a reality in which everything is possible. Even the resolution in the light of eternity. Thus, the artist, who lives in Liverpool Czarnecki addressed with the latest digital media technology news of the ancient existential experiences. In other words, despite the desensualization our lives in times of digital simulation techniques, the body remains the inescapable focal point of our existence.
Moltkerei workshop
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6th October to 16 October 2012
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