Two films by director Ken Loach

In Naturfreundehaus Höhenhaus see Liverpool as part of the Cologne-cultural festival "EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, the second" rather than next to an exhibition of photographs by George McKane from the traditional working-class district of Liverpool Everton two other events. Under the title "Hero of the Working Class" (after the song "Working Class Hero" by John Lennon), two feature films by British director Ken Loach shown. Loach (born 1936) have been told for decades in a documentary style empathetic everyday stories from the lives of workers and ordinary people in the difficult conditions of capitalism and class society.
Like any other director Loach succeed in his movies for decades the link between politics and poetry, the description of individual life histories, social dramas and social contexts, consternation and critical reflection.

"Kes" is the feature film made in 1969, on the 17th October stands at 19.30 clock on the program. Loach manages to the example of a 15-year-old boy a moving portrayal of the English working class at the end of the 1960s.
"Land and Freedom" is a feature film Loach from 1995, on the 24th October will be shown at 19.30 clock.

It tells the story of an unemployed worker, Liverpool and communists, who in 1936 volunteered for the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War in order to fight against the forces of fascism.
17th October 2012, 19.30 clock

KES Director: Ken Loach, UK, 1969, 106 minutes.
The 14-year-old Billy Casper growing up poor in the town of Barnsley in northern England. He is bored and just gets bad grades in school. His life changes when he finds a small falcon and raising him. Every day he spends several hours with him and finds a friend in the raptor. English teacher Farthing is aware of his student Billy, and he encouraged the boys in the class a lecture on the rearing of keeping "Kes". The teacher is the only one who considered Kes with respect and not just as a "toy" by Billy. One day, Billy is always dominant by his older brother sent to the betting shop to complete a horse bet for the brother. Billy buys but the money for something to eat, so he brings his brother to a high winnings. The brother then kills Kes. The film, "And began to a hawk" on the youth book is based on Barry Hines, paints a bleak picture of the social conditions in the working class areas of England. Labor and hopelessness characterize the society at that time. Ken Loach's film is a documentary character, caused by the fact that besides the teacher Farthing all roles are filled by non-professional actors.
24th October 2012, 19.30 clock

Director: Ken Loach, Germany / UK / Spain, 1995, 109 minutes
Liverpool in 1994: A young woman finds her grandfather David unconscious lying on the sofa. On the way to the hospital he died. After his death, she finds an old trunk in the closet with letters, newspaper clippings, photographs and a container filled with earth red bandana. She starts her to reconstruct the unknown biography of her grandfather. Decided in 1936, the young unemployed David, a British Communist, to draw Spain in the fight against the fascist forces of General Franco He joins a group of revolutionary militia of the POUM and experienced on the Aragon front in Barcelona and the turmoil of the Spanish Civil War. Firstly, the unequal struggle against Franco's troops, on the other hand, the internal conflict on the Republican side. And finally, the longing, the solidarity and continuity, but also the disappointments in the long history of the labor movement in the struggle for freedom and another, a fairer world.
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