21. LIVERPOOL, MOVIES AND LIFE or: All you need is love
Three evenings with films from Liverpool and an evening in the exchange of films from Cologne
Unlike London, Liverpool is no distinct film city. But keep coming back movies from Liverpool who often have special stories of the northwest English port itself on. These are colonial adventure and emigrants fates once from the UK's largest port, originate. These are stories of working-class culture, their economic and social problems. And these are stories about football, the Beatles and youth culture. After the development of beat music by the "Fab Four" John, Paul, George and Ringo is a central theme in youth films from and about Liverpool. The difficult years of growing up under harsh social conditions as well as the special spirit of the youth, the potential raging violence and the endless desire for freedom and happiness. Three movie nights in Domforum act mainly by young people in Liverpool and the North West. They show the experience of young people at various times over the last sixty years.
Once in the 1950s about the music, the movement of rock and roll from the U.S. spilled over to Europe in the early 1960s came at the latest, with the emergence of the Beatles and their music, the particular experience of young people overlooked the center of the European consciousness. Loud beat rhythms, long hair, snotty appearance and text of the Lust for Love made it clear that the youth no longer represents only a transitional stage in the adaptation to the adult world, but have their own forms of expression and claims, its own truth and dynamics. Since then, the protests of the youth and the desire to determine their own future, an integral part of Western societies. Thus also the difficulty, under the existing conditions of society to be able to transform their own desires in a livable perspective.

Nowhere Boy
Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, Great Britain 2009, 98 minutes
The history of childhood and adolescence of John Lennon, one of the four Beatles show in the feature film "Nowhere Boy" the emergence of a new youth-feeling in Liverpool in the 1950s. Shown is a lively port city where ships from overseas and sailors always provide fresh impetus, especially for the latest music from the U.S.. Blues and rock'n'roll in particular. On this background, John Lennon's tragic family story is told, the psychological dramas are seen not only as a starting point for pain and anger, but also as a "source" for the creative process can be. Lennon grew up in a suburb of Liverpool with his Aunt Mimi, while his mother with another man and his half-siblings in another part of living together. Gently touching and develops the film by Sam Taylor-Wood, the personal and social conditions, which together brought the end of the 1950s, John Lennon and Paul McCartney and establishing the Beatles led. And to endeavor without a single Beatles cliché.
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8th October, beginning 18 clock

Boy A
Directed by John Crowley, United Kingdom 2007, 100 minutes
Were the days of the Beat in the rebellion and the departure of the youth of confidence and productive momentum, showing the movie "Boy A" how difficult social conditions can stifle the potential of youth and confusing. "Boy A" is reminiscent of a phase of English society, as in the 1980s and early 1990s, the hopelessness and the Zukunftslosigkeitsgefühl youth repeatedly led to actions blind violence. The extreme of this development, were among the hooligans inside and outside football stadiums as well as punk and unrest in the neighborhoods of poverty led to gruesome murders of children of children. The feature film, Boy A, turned director John Crowley, based on the novel by Jonathan Trigell tells such a story. The fictional story is set in Manchester, but inevitably recalls the murder of the three-year-old Jamie Bulger in Liverpool. The little boy was abducted in 1993 by two ten-year-old boy outside a supermarket and brutally killed on a demolition site. The case of Jamie Bulger made in the former Liverpool, where unemployment, poverty, decay and violence had become the norm, a horror which subsequently led to an upheaval in the mid-1990s gradually renewed hope for the future in the city brought. The story of Boy A (his name in the court proceedings) is told in retrospect, after the young man who as a child began a murder and - in contrast to the murderers in case Bulger - is released from prison in order to other identity to start a new life. In the form of an intricate love story, the film tells of the difficulties of living with the guilt of the past, of rehabilitation and trying to develop a (new) life perspective. He also tells of the tragic "innocence" of young people abandoned by society, represented by the violence they commit acts of desperation and social neglect of victims into perpetrators. And finally, the film tells of the ways that a person has to change themselves and to develop a new attitude towards life.
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15th October, beginning 18 clock

Short Films
films by students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and from students and artists from Liverpool
From the new self-understanding of the people of Liverpool, which has developed after almost two decades of anger and depression with the new millennium, to tell a series of short films of recent years. Quite different forms of expression to show that the Liverpool that was until the early 1990s because of a dramatic cut-economic situation of the modern societal development of Europe largely has meanwhile arrived in the middle of the globalized contemporary culture. The explosion of art in Liverpool is a bit like the musical awakening of the Beat in previous years, though less spectacular, rebellious and earth shattering. But all that the artists perform in their very different movies in the age of new media in content and cognitive perspectives in mind, reflects a Liverpudlian culture of awakening. Departure to where? That's the open question. The once important port city, from people with huge ships sailed to the New World and young people about the music of the Beatles with yellow submarine departed for the land of their longing looks, nor the direction of the current move. Determine whether other creativities in Liverpool and other issues the life and art as in Cologne, the comparison of short films by students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne show. Just the equally fragmentary and concentricity of the content of a multi-faceted short film program, provide a good overview of social and cultural trends.
Cinema in Domforum Cologne, Domkloster 3, 50667 Cologne, Tel: 0221 and 0221 92,584,720 92,584,767
19th October, beginning 18 clock