An exhibition of cartoons and caricatures from Liverpool and Cologne
Mike Williams, Bill Tidy, Pete Williams, Bill Stott, Albert Rusling (Liverpool)
Peter Gaymann, Walter Hanel, Dirk Meissner, Burkhard Mohr, Burkhard Fritsche (Cologne)
All the world is laughing, that's a fact. But it is not anywhere in the world laughed at the same things. Not least, the controversy over the cartoons brought the once clear. Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious is a constant emotional. But the joke knows cultural differences, dependent on traditional social structures and imprints. There is no doubt that the British have a different sense of humor than German. British humor is well known. While the Germans usually means that they have no sense of humor. The latter is no longer long. And it probably has never voted, because after all, Till Eulenspiegel and the German Baron Munchausen. A comparison of British and German humor offers a cheerful meeting of five Liverpool and five Cologne cartoonists. "Yellow Submarine meets Red Penguin" is the exhibition, in which the ordinary oddities of everyday life are also shown in picture and word as the absurdities in human relations.
Mike Williams, Bill Tidy, Pete Williams, Bill Stott, Albert Rusling have known each other since the 1960s, when they together every week for the legendary British society magazine "Punch" gave their witty graphic comments. Back then there was the time of great social, political, cultural and sexual awakening, also in England. Not least by the momentum of the beat music and Liverpool beat movement was next to London the center of the uprising. The five Liverpool cartoonists come from this exhilarating generation that once again made it clear that the humor belongs to an Englishman as daily breathing. The Cologne Peter Gaymann cartoonist, Walter Hanel, Dirk Meissner, Burkhard Burkhard Mohr and Fritsche, whose works are displayed in the same exhibition come from different generations, however. As different as their line is drawn, so they entered the ability to sharpen the small and big issues of human-too-human figurative. Escalation is the key element of the caricaturists and cartoonists. And it is this escalation has different nuances depending on culture. Liverpool's humor is so literally as Cologne humor. What are the differences and overlaps, shows the clash of the yellow submarine from Liverpool with the red penguin from Cologne.
Art Gallery of characters, The Red Penguin ', Goltsteinstraße 56, 50968 Cologne, Tel: 0221-39804262
5th October to 31 October 2012, opening the 5th October, 19 clock, open: Thu, Fri 10-18 clock, Sat 11-14 clock