3. YOUNGBLOOD - Artists from Liverpool

An exhibition of works by young artists from Liverpool, chosen by Priya Sharma and Caroline Smith of the art center, Wolstenholme Creative Space '.

Liverpool is a city of young people. More and more students are attracted for many years in the north-western English port city whose reputation in the development of new trends in youth culture is legendary. While the trends of Liverpool are traditionally placed in the music and in the improvised fashion that Liverpool's art scene is easily forgotten.
There are many years especially in the arts more and more "young blood".

"Young Blood", says Priya Sharma and Caroline Smith called the artist center, Wolstenholme Ctreative Space 'is an exhibition that just makes these new impulses visible. The title is both description and program. Art needs, in Liverpool as elsewhere in Europe, always fresh strength to develop the potential of their greatest effect.

Liverpool is currently in the number of young artists who are pushing the public have changed considerably in the past fifteen years. No longer have arisen from the heyday of colonial port operations historic Art Museum and the Walker Art Gallery in the 1990s, set up in the disused harbor docks branch of the Tate Gallery in London put the artistic trends.

The young artists blood flows rather inconspicuous in student housing or in at various points in the city resulting studio houses and brings the body to boil. In this creative restlessness and the works of art have been created, of which Priya Sharma and Caroline Smith bring a selection to the VHS Gallery Lindenthal to Cologne. Participants include the Liverpudlian artist Josephine Hicks, Penny Davenport, Adrianna Galuppo, Rhonda Davies, Tomo, Tony Knox and Roly Carline.

The two curators Priya Sharma and Caroline Smith are the leaders of the independent artist center, Wolstenholme Creative Space ', WSC. It is located in an old industrial building opposite the legendary Cream Club, which was one of the pioneering centers of techno music history.

Sharma and Smith have started to build up the WCS almost two years ago. Component in addition to numerous studios a small cinema and an exhibition space. The Wolstenholme Creative Raumist a place where the young artist's blood circulates. For the organizers this means an art which is so fresh that they are the difference between young and old, established and new perspectives in the culture can be seen.

The curators explain that on the background of a company in the UK is also in Liverpool still dominated by a tendency of the Conservatives. England is one of the core conservative culture where traditions still provide great continuity. The young contemporary art, on the other hand specifically seeks to break with cultural traditions and the concomitant ways of thinking, and much stronger than the legendary days of the British Pop Art.

The art, the thesis needs young blood just as much as the society as a whole. This applies especially to Liverpool, are after decades of urban decline precisely artistic aspects become an important factor in urban development and the stabilization of the socio-cultural balance. With the exhibition "Young Blood" want Sharma and Smith between the old British School and the New British Art show a third artistic way: does the the casual creative sincerity as especially young artists light years.

This, on both personal experience and from different aspects of life in contemporary Liverpool. Is the new arts in Liverpool another than anywhere else in Europe? Other than in Cologne? If Mc'Donalds, H & M, Ikea, smartphones, internet and globalized pop culture, the young people in Europe are not brought into line completely, just to the view of the tension of differences and similarities between Liverpool and Cologne have a special aspect of this exhibition.

VHS District Town Hall Gallery in Lindenthal
Aachener Strasse 220, 50931 Cologne, Tel: 0221-22193578
21st September to 21 October 2012