A concert by the Liverpool duo, Oh heart, we are old '.
Oh heart, we are old - that sounds like the title of a traditional folk song, but the name of a current Liverpool musician duo. In keeping with the fast-paced world, where people have always faster feel to be old, while at the same time do not feel old and do not age well want. With banjo and fiddle, vocal sounds, sound artefacts and old organs the two young musicians from Liverpool Simon Barr and Tom Cowcher to provide the appropriate sound.

With old instruments so that sound in their game from scratch. With the sound of the familiar, which leads into unknown worlds of sound. With the power of tradition that holds countless conversion possibilities. With the elements of neo-classical, folk and minimal sounds that offer infinite variations.

Music is the most direct access to the human psyche, combines memory and desire, and also creates the strongest feeling of being completely in the here and now.

For centuries, from the city of Liverpool emerge wonderful musicians. The duo, Oh heart, we are old 'is in this continuity. Your half-hour concert at the VHS Gallery Lindenthal is in the opening of the exhibition "Young Blood" embedded with young artists from Liverpool.

As acoustic complement and counterpart alike. It is precisely in times of frantic faster innovations also appears that young, fresh blood flowing from the heart, faster than ever, to be old, depleted blood.



VHS District Town Hall Gallery in Lindenthal
Aachener Strasse 220, 50931 Cologne, Tel: 0221-22193578
8 PM, 21st September 2012

Photography © Tony Knox