Graphic work pressure between tradition and actuality - an exhibition of artists from Liverpool and Cologne
The "Eight Days a Week" led Neil Morris, head of the printmaking department of the Liverpool John Moores University, and the operator of the Cologne graphics workshop Jutta Vollmer and Andreas Vietz together years ago. The artists understood at once, but the artistic printmaking is a medium that is founded on a sense of tradition and craftsmanship. Artists who know how to put a lot of work and attention to detail in a printmaking respect each other right away. Likewise, of course, the curiosity and the interest in the craft of other refinements. Eventually want artistically careful craftsman always know exactly how it is done. And often arises the desire for direct collaboration. This desire can Morris, Vollmer and Vietz meet regularly for years. They have visited each other to meetings in their graphic workshops in Cologne and Liverpool. And there they have expanded their own printmaking facilities respectively by the pressure of the other graphic options. Shall dispose less graphic workshop of John Moores University on fantastic conditions in the field of screen printing and other techniques of surface printing. The Cologne Printmaking Workshop in turn maintains the old printing presses of the Cologne school work (which they could take over after the closure of the local printmaking department) masterfully all varieties of gravure printing. From the beginning, in this exchange happening, other Liverpool and Cologne artists were involved.
That is also the project "From me to you and back" happen again. The idea is to send graphic works between the two workshops in Liverpool and Cologne for joint artistic editing back and forth. One takes on the work of others. Adds pressure to a new facet motif with a new cliché. Or edit the existing printing plate is a few shades, so that changed the composition and expanded. Fourteen artists, seven from Liverpool and seven of Cologne, took part under the heading "Penpal" on this project, which is based not only on the development of common works of art but also represents a special kind of friendship letter. Among the artistic ideas and written ideas were exchanged. Penpals connect people across great distances. While by phone or e-mail often terse, factual messages are exchanged, offer letters in their material presence to the room for an intense visual and written, philosophical and intellectual exchange. An exchange of letters between artists gives an insight into the artistic concept of the other. Individual views can be experienced. And addressing other ways of working and different artistic positions expanded its own (artistic) perspective. With Assumpta Budig and Tracy Hill, Georg Gartz and Pete Clarke, Christina Wrege and Tracy Brown, Franziska Windisch and Magda Stawarska-Beavan, Guillermo Malfitani and Francesca Genna, Andreas Vietz and Neil Morris, Jutta Vollmer and Emma Gregory show seven Cologne Liverpudlian artist couples quite different ways of artistic understanding.
"Collaborations" between Liverpool and Cologne artists are an integral part of the activities in the "Eight Days A Week" project. The myth that artistic work is a fundamental individual act, joint artistic works are compared, which are more than the mere addition of two individual creativities. How does an artist on the thematic and formal ideas of another artist? Follow the Liverpool artist noticeably different content or visual aspects than their colleagues from Cologne? How can we change the image of another, without destroying it? How different individual experiences can inspire each other creatively? And what does mutual respect for the artistic work of others? Unlike drawing, photography and painting, printmaking is not generally a fast art. Each printing plate, so it was also experimentally processed is only over the duration of careful handles to form a finished print. A better medium, lead to the development of art between tradition and timeliness in mind, there is not.
Cologne Graphics Workshop
In Sionstal 17, 50678 Cologne, Tel: 02 21-3100425
28th September to 21 October 2012
Opening: 28.9, 17 clock.
open Fri 17-19 Clock