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Studio exhibition by artist Madeline Hall of the Liverpool studio building, The Royal Standard 'in the studio by the Cologne artist Veronika Moos-Brochhagen
Books embody Western culture more than any other subject. But that was until recently, before the new digital media came into the world and attacking the traditional media in many areas, replaced and displaced in their meaning. Thus the book has given way to its central importance in preserving and developers for the knowledge and experience of Western culture. Likewise, in history and in poetry, the book is no longer the dominant medium on which is based the majority of people. Instead, the cold poetry of screens as the preferred medium of exchange stories and emotions has become. Although books unawares as the embodiment of the traditional culture of knowledge are everywhere still, it is clear that the importance of the classic book in itself 21st Century has changed. The book, especially in its spending carefully designed with solid, beautiful bindings, has become the object of nostalgia. The old book, which had for centuries as a medium of knowledge preservation and revitalization thought its practical value, has become an object that is now more fascinated by his appearance than by the force of its contents. At the mere sight of old books inevitably gets a remembrance of the past, the culture in transition. This effect is almost comparable to that of previous generations of cultural objects in museums, archaeological or ethnological museums, where one attaches no current relevance anymore, but only an exhilarating fantasy force. The book has become a real object to the dreamed. Exactly at this point is where the Liverpool artist Madeline Hall, when she records the covers and front pages of old books. Based on the in rem aura of historical books she developed with sweeping lines and gentle with yourself vortastenden strokes her intuitive drawings. Located in the seductive to the eye field between representation and abstraction-free, taking shape and form of refraction.
Why should one 300 pages Plato and Thomas Hobbes read if one can even vaguely drawing contours imagine a different world. Break through the drawings in the Scotland-born, living in Liverpool artist cornered the words stuck and lead our thinking in the open ground of intuition. Put away the growing on the organization of the book, the power of the written book drawings playfully repealed? Or just do imperceptibly to the question of the value of the books have their function as a mere text-winner but as sensuous objects for the education of our experiences? Madeline Hall's drawings on books we suggest how thinking and imagining developed from sense experience. The book has a fundamentally sensual dimension. We read not only about the eyes, but also on the palms and fingertips. This experience precludes a contemporary culture in which our thinking and imagination inspiring words are developing more and more on digital screens. The words and images on the screens of mobile phones, e-books and laptops are no longer tied to a conscious aesthetically pleasing materiality. The sensual and aesthetic dimension of digital media are hardly surpassed in sobriety. Madeline Hall's artistic access to the medium of the book reminds us of the days when there were knowledge and aesthetic experience yet in a resilient balance.
Madeline Hall showing her art in the studio of the Cologne sculptor and painter Veronika Moos-Brochhagen. The preference for years working with textiles and found objects artist emphasizes the sensual dimension of our experience. Especially in the use of traditional techniques of textile art in the form of affirming contemporary artistic and sculptural experiments the importance of a "grounded aesthetics". So with the textile screen objects by Veronika Moos-Brochhagen and the object-like drawings by Madeline Hall brings together two different artistic approaches, both in their own way to make the weight of tradition to the scale of contemporary art.
Studio house, the harbor district '- Atelier Moss Brochhagen (Atleier 3-83)
Bollard Kirchweg 78, 51105 Cologne, Tel: 0221-4717475
29th 14-20 September 2012 clock