Studio-exhibition of the Liverpool artist Susan Leask and the Cologne photographer Anna E. Strengthening the studio of Anna E. Strengthening
Right in ordinary life a man suddenly sees things that touch him so much that he almost loses the wording in force. Poetry is spreading, accompanied by the feeling, come to the mystery of life up close. It can glance at an old brown shoe happen at the roadside or in the view of a human face or a glance at the sun lights on house walls and in trees. Anna E. Fortifying it, as they would see in such moments a mystery that is as fragile as ineffable. It sees it, but you can not describe it. And so it would seem as if it were an experience that is only in perception, but does not in my mind. Where the words and speech have come to their limits, there is still the language of images. The "unspeakable, it shows," said the philosopher Wittgenstein. Said Anna E. Strengthening is for 40 years with the camera the pictures on the track, where the middle is felt in the banality of human life, that human life is not a bit banal. That it makes the experience especially in places where the simple life at home, is already a substantive statement. In the face of the little boy wearing the colors of his favorite football club, recognizes Anna E. Strengthening the whole joy and confidence in life. Men and women in the pub again talk about their faces and postures of the moments in which the harshness of life changes in the ease of existence. The formal beauty of the colors on fences makes the law of change visible, extending not only to practical everyday functions, but also in aesthetic experiences. Poetry and romance are in the concept of documentary photography by Anna E. Strengthening extremely close together. Romance is in bringing those yearning to express the poet Hölderlin once brought in a short sentence:. "To be one with all that lives." The photos, Anna E. Strengthening made in Liverpool, tell of this desire. They show the poetry of everyday life, as the laughter and tears, exhaustion and thoughts lostness comes to human faces expressed. And they show that little things make up life, and that the subtle differences of our existence depend not only from the fact that they are there, but that they noticed.
That poetry arises from the smallest trifles, also know Susan Leask. What does the graphic presents, for years living in Liverpool Scottish in the studio by the Cologne artist Anna E. Strengthening. Not the individual picture, but the artistic transformation of entire rooms determined their artistic work. The lake in a Liverpool park she poeticized picturesque with red artificial flowers. In an old bunker, she created with coal dust and milky light a cave "uncanny stealth". And with paper rolls and other visual elements they changed in a confined space, the views and feelings of familiarity. Always the transformation of the real space is in a room dreamed her artistic theme. Recently, in the form of interviews and photo searches were added artistic research on his own family history. Thus, in the memory of her art resonates in their family origins of the Scottish Shetland Islands, as well as their growing up in the working class city of Glasgow. The many visits with her grandparents on the Shetland Islands have their sense of the beauty of nature has been impressed and for all in their experience. And the substantive presence of urban tightness in Glasgow has sharpened her sense of the opposition between nature and culture. All art derives its magic from the revival of memories. Conscious and unconscious memories. The most touching reach far back into the early childhood. In this experience, touch the artistic poetry of Susan and Anna Leask E. starch that comes together in the studio to develop starch.

Atelier Anna E. Strengthening
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20th September to 22 October 2012
Opening with English and Irish music played by pianist Thomas Weber:
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