2/ MothMan 3B Comic Book

Artist Tony Knox celebrates a decade of his MothMan alter ego, the dysfunctional, bumbling Superhero he has explored through performance, photography and print. His 4th comic book, limited to 500 issues, is available Church of the Resurrection Koln and the the Bluecoat Hub during the Liverpool Biennial.  A free online version will be available and large-format pages from the comic book situated in the citycentre.  Knox has invited artists Anna McDade, Eoin Flynn and Julia Swarbrick to coproduce elements of MothMan’s latest incarnation.

Tony Knox celebrates a decade of his Mothman alter-ego, the disfunctional, bumbling superhero he has explored numerous times over the years, whether through live performance, wrestling, photography and print. Today sees the launch of the fourth Mothman comic, which has been limited to five hundred collector’s copies.
The comic is only available from the Bluecoat Hub during the upcoming Biennial celebrations.
A free online version of the comic will also be available for both tablets and phones.
Mothman has continued to be a far-reaching project, with the eponymous superhero making his international wrestling debut in Finland and appearing on German TV in a documentary charting the continuing popularity of Beatles tourism.

The Mothman comic series is released every two years to coincide with the Liverpool Biennial.
The issues comic has seen Tony Knox collaborate with artists from Ireland, Germany and India.
These artists include in issue 3b
Anna McDade, Eoin Flynn, Julia Swarbrick all of whom have given their extraordinary take on the Mothman story.