14/ UM-LOOK-THINK-PAINT-BLADE SEALING - Cologne Liverpool in 30 meters
painting of 12 artists from (Cologne)
Georg Gartz, Judith Ganz, Rolf Jahn, Tibor Zsigmond, Arne Bernd Rhaue and Ursula Knorr (Liverpool )Pete Clarke, David Jacques, Anna Ketskemety, Tony Knox, Vicki Lucas Le Bon and Chiz turn Ross (from Cologne) Judith Ganz, Georg Gartz, Rolf Jahn,
Ursula Knorr, Arne Bernd Rhaue and Tibor Zsigmond )

Sunday, 12th October 2014 to 30 Oct 2014


The motto "FROM THERE AND HERE" will bring two things apparent. There is also a time of globalization and economic equalization and digital media omnipresence throughout Europe still major differences which characterize the different countries, different places and cultural traditions. But there is also a growing immensely in the past few decades exchange between these different countries, places and traditions contexts. The phrase "FROM THERE AND HERE" describes an active travel, cultural and artistic exchange and communicative mediation process between the cities of Liverpool and Cologne.


On one hand, as an expression of a very personal, individual experience processes, on the other hand, as a tendency of cultural openness and curiosity that can not be stopped even in times of British Euro-skepticism or even denial process. So according to the motto to express that there is always something "there" happens and "Here" is interesting - and vice versa. And that there are many things that makes bringing "from there to here" to mind: all-daily experiences, new ideas or old ideals or criticism of the prevailing trends "here and there".


The "Eight Days A Week" initiative aims to with their contributions to the cultural events less entertainment and art supply consumption than the desire for active participation in the boost cultural process - from dedicated discussions, creative designs and organizational contributions. "Eight Days A Week" therefore be understood as an open culture project that is related to the initiative and solidarity of its participants and falls. The idea of the democratic participation of all the socio-cultural process coincides with the understanding that there is only one Europe, when people from different European cities, countries and cultural traditions take matters into their own hands, creating this community.