George Lund
Artist and Founder of Animal Utopia, Liverpool, England.

Academic Information

First Aid and Health and Safety Certificate, Liverpool, 2005.
NVQ Level 3, Business and Marketing, Liverpool, 2004.
Teaching Qualification, Certificate of Education (Post 16FE), St. Helens College, 2001.
BA (Hons) Degree Fine Art and Design, Bradford College, 1993.

Professional Experience

Professional artist, including both studio and gallery practice.
Workshop Leader.
Business and Marketing in Contemporary Culture.
Cultural Researcher.


A Fine Artist with a colorist Naïve style of artwork. Created some form of art since childhood. Began painting as a self taught artist but later on realized that I needed to gain more skills and knowledge in art to develop more ideas and more of a unique style. Twenty years later rekindled first interest in art and I started to paint in acrylic, oil, water colour and draw with pastels and charcoal. Accepted on an Art and design course at City College Liverpool. This led to being accepted for a degree with Hon's at Bradford Community College. I studied various creative areas at the college until I specialized in fine art and printmaking. Become involved in various Performance Art collaborations as The Funkadelic Chicken character, that supported various projects such as The Gesqoui project that was part of the Liverpool Biennial.

Artists Statement

My artwork I feel now has a freshness, energy, liveliness and abundance of colour. Art work is produced in combination of various painting mediums and painted on large and small canvas, There is a certain Naivety in my painting style, but I use this as a non conformity to become more of an individualist using more imagination. My artwork embodies colourful passionate abstractions of space and time. References of hybridism, urbanism, juxtaposed to Amazonianism. This is to largely realise the tones and textures captured from our real and desires. In my latest work for the transVoyeur the images manifest creatures, surreal abstracted, gentically hybridised to the human form. They are an idealisation and capture the iconic in multi-cultural facets of a place and people. These visualisations are shown through strong colour and references in my text.The transVoyeur is the exchange of the vibrant diversity evolved in a cosmopolitan metropolis. History and genealogy connects the two cities, Liverpool and New York, places of hybridised existence and expression.

Much of the above mentioned style of artwork is utilised for my ideas for postcards/greeting cards and for my own paintings. My aim is to produce artwork that encompasses new sensations, embraces a more individual unique style based on imagination and my own experience/knowledge of life.


2006 Grizedale Salon Exhibition, A Foundation, Liverpool, England.
2006 Cosmic Cabaret, Walk the Plank Theatre Production and Blue Coats Art Centre, Liverpool, England.
2006 Transvoyeur Performance Art Platform 2006, October - November 2006, View Two Gallery, Mathew Street, Liverpool, England.
2006 Transvoyeur Exhibition and Exchange between Liverpool and New York, Independents Liverpool Biennial 2006, October - November 2006, View Two Gallery, Mathew Street, Liverpool, England.
2006 Transvoyeur Art Auction 2006, View Two Gallery, Liverpool, England.
2006 Lund and Limited Edition Sales at View Two Gallery, Matthew Street Festival, Liverpool, England.
2006 Museum Man (Adam Nankervis), London Biennial in Las Vegas, US.
2006 Co-Curator, George Lund with Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney and Jo Derbyshire in affiliation with Transvoyeur and Head Space @ Egg Space Gallery (Jazamin Sinclair, Karen Henley, etal), Maria Hughs and Jamie Reid Exhibtion, 31 May -18 June 2006, Opening 31 May 2006, 7.00 pm onwards.
2006 Flagging Down May Day, London Biennale in conjunction with Museum Man (Adam Nankervis), Liverpool, England.
2006 Lund and Gold Fish Gallery, Curator and Research Minako Jackson, Gold Fish Gallery, Website Liverpool and Japan.
2006 New Designs Researched and Development by Lund on the Theme of Liverpool, England.
2006 Submission to 100 T Shirts Competitition, Curated by Ian Jackson (Art in Liverpool Weblog) inassociation with Microzine, Liverpool, England.
2006 Commissioned Art, Liverpool Colour Company for Limited Edition Print to Promotional, etc., Liverpool.
2006 Doll Man Disco, Spring, Concept and Production Gary Sollars, The Vines, Liverpool.
2006 Art of Lund, Exhibition, Unity Theatre, Liverpool, England.
2005 Doll Man Disco, Summer, Concept and Production Gary Sollars, Walk the Plank.
2005 Doll Man Disco, New Years, Concept and Production Gary Sollars, Walk the Plank Theatre PRoduction, Liverpool.
2005 La mort d'amour, le chat et poulet (The Death of Love, The Cat and Chicken) (Live performance), No Cost of Chaos Show (Produced by Amanda DeAngeles), National, Liverpool.
2005 Live, Exhibition and Performance, Egg Space Gallery, Liverpool, England.
2005 Museum Man Exhibition, Berlin Kunst Salon, Berlin.
2005 Museum Man Live Art, Berlin Kunst Salon, Berlin.
2005 Field of Vision Extremes Project, Frankfurt.
2005 Doll Man Disco, Easter, Concept and Production Gary Sollars, Walk the Plank Theatre Production, Liverpool.
2005 Speq Gallery Quiggans, Liverpool.
2004 Transvoyeur Exhibition, Liverpool Biennial 04.
2004 Transvoyeur Performance Art Platform, Liverpool Biennial 04.
2004 Transvoyeur ‘Become Jean Michel Basquiat for the Day’, Open Performance Platform, Liverpool Biennial 2004.
2004 Gesquoi Part (4), Research in Art and Culture, Performance Platform, Bluecoats, Liverpool.
2004 Gesquoi Part (3), Research in Art and Culture, Intervention of Civic, Liverpool.
2004 Gesquoi Part (2), Research in Art and Culture, Egg Space Gallery Exhibition, Liverpool.
2004 Gesquoi Part (1), Research in Art and Culture, Live Art in the Urban Space, Liverpool.
2003 Mr M's Seafood Restaurant, Albert Dock, Liverpool.
2004 The Egg space Gallery, Liverpool.
2003 The Citadel, St.Helens.
2003 The Arts Lounge, Liverpool.
2003 The Monkey Tricky Gallery, Chester.
2003 The Palm House, Liverpool.
2003 The Atrium Echo office, Liverpool.
2003 The Walker Gallery, Liverpool.
2003 The Egg space Gallery, Liverpool.
2002 The Egg space Gallery, Liverpool Biennial 02.
2002 The Egg space Gallery,(Solo Show) Liverpool.
2000 The Knowsley Suite, Liverpool.
1998 The View Gallery, Liverpool.
1997 The CADT, Liverpool.
1997 The Irish Centre, Liverpool.
1996 The Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool.
1996 The Unity Theatre, Liverpool.
1994-1995 The Great Georges Multi Cultural Centre, Liverpool.
1993 The Children's Hospital, Bradford.
1992 The Royal Infirmary, Bradford.
1990-1993 The Queens Hall, Bradford.
1993 The Design Centre, Bradford.

Eight Days A Week

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