Georg Gartz
Artist, Cologne, Germany.

Zwei rote balken 2004.

Georg Gartz: Part 1

“The colours in my paintings are layered like archaeological remnants to convey a multitude of memories. Colours seemingly put on canvas haphazardly are immersed in rich manifold layers. Drips, smears, blots or a pale veil: impenetrable yet transparent: then a sudden burst of light: familiar and reassuring: a balance of opposites: painting becomes a metaphor for life.

In my paintings colours evolve into shapes and forms without being a concrete representation allowing the viewer to sense the tension created by harmony and discord.”

In my painting the color accepts the forms which, without restraint to the Gegenständlichkeit, the tension of harmony and breaking allows to foresee. Born in Krefeld 1955. Georg studied Fine Art at the Fachhochschule Köln. He lives and works in Cologne and has exhibited in and outside of Cologne, showcasing the diversity of his creative output. Co-founder of the Eight Days a Week project Georg has collaborated with the Liverpool based artist Pete Clarke since 1999.

The paintings of Gartz show orders of colored unities: Color surfaces form in the course of the constant extensions by paintbrush roads. Compressions and stratifications lend materiality and deep space to the pictures. re not invented, the conventional optical invention of the perspective it is refused in favour of the freedom to compose freely the space, to form the surface autonomous. The extensive formal reduction lays all strength in the space-creative abilities of color.

The sculptural works of the artist have originated from the painting, have grown out of the surface of the canvas and in the third dimension developed. Color-intensive and material-intensive collages and sculptural material pictures, object boxes, mobiles, monumental sculptures and land kind sculptures as well as space installations have arisen during the last years from this consequence experienced in numerous experiments.

Georg Gartz controls creative and improvion processes, his creative form and motive vocabulary unites structure and chaos, order and chance. In persuasive way he succeeds in reaching before the background of modern traditions of the pedagogic art to new border crossings of object, space and painting.

While he gets involved in given space situations, produces his objects by De- construction and constructions aesthetically and connects by a determined, luminous-abstract painting and spans, he develops narrative space pictures.

Georg Gartz & Pete Clarke in studio together.

Individual exhibitions:

2008 rheinwärts, museum Zündorfer tower (along with Pete Clarke)
2007 Christ Church Cologne-Dellbrück: line
Kunstraum 57, Cologne-Nippes: Loreley
Kyoto Bar, Cologne: Lake (with Ruth Gilberger)
2006 Martin Gallery Turck: Orient pictures - painting on photography
2005 Kyoto Bar, Schilling architects, Cologne: almost middle prospects centres
VW - Design, Wolfsburg
2004 Bunker Mühlheim Culture: Images of the World
Berners Gallery 2003, Cologne: Primavera
2001 masterpiece, Cologne: Chatting with Colours (with Pete Clarke)
2000 alloverpainting: Cooperative K, Hagen
1999 Gallery of VHS, Cologne-lime
1998 Kunstraum digestion tower, Cologne
Gallery 1997 Seidel, Cologne - atrium in the old Hutfabrik, Cologne
Tata 1994, Cologne-Ehrenfeld: Precious - White - Gallery in the Old Fire Station, Cologne
1993 Delbrück & Co, Cologne - Stack house, BBK - Cologne: Still Life
Gallery 1992 on the Nile, Cologne - Simultanhalle, Cologne: Monocromunalität
1991 Gallery Bellers, Solingen
1990 Kunstraum Klapperhof, Cologne: Private Collection
1986 Simultanhalle, Cologne: POSITION AGAINST STANDLOS
Group exhibitions:
Great Art Exhibition 2008 NRW Dusseldorf
Waste not - want not, Delden, NL
Color confess artedos, Kempen
2006 Cologne graphics workshop: Injured - printed characters
University of Lancaster, Preston: Injured text
Culture bunker Cologne in exposed areas (with Pete Clarke, Neill Morris, Tine will and Margit Schöning
Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport: in exposed areas
2005 wren - temporary gardens, meadow at Good surreptitious Thal, Overath
2004 Old Gallery weaving, Rödingen: Gabriele beer neck, Georg Gartz, Christiane Kaul, Gitta Radtke
Hope Street Gallery, Liverpool: from random lines and reddish stains
The Atkinson Gallery: The Sefton Open 2004, South Portland GB
2003 Rhine views / insight: XXL: Anatomical Institute of the University of Cologne
Cultural Arts-Nature: Simonskall community Hürtgenwald
Interface: Cooperative K, Hagen
Collaborators 2002, Hope Street Gallery, John Moores University, Liverpool "Greetings from Cologne," with Ruth Gilberger and Rita Rohlfing, Huyton Gallery, Liverpool
2001 I Mangia Patate, Bassano in Teverina, Italy
Greenhouse, exhibition in a greenhouse in Bornheim-Brenig
2000 Collaboration: Exhibition of Pete Clarke, atrium of the VHS-Cologne, and Sülz Huyton Gallery, Liverpool
1999 Basement Gallery, Tracey Liverpool Biennial
Art Cologne 1998, Kunsthalle Köln
1996 Interakt: Luther Church, Cologne
1995 Kunsthalle Köln: ART COLOGNE
1992 Ausbesserungswerk, Cologne-Nippes: stop
1990 Kunstraum Klapperhof, Cologne: klappex & hopp
1989 Cologne Reinsurance, Cologne: Young artists Rhenish
1988 Kunsthalle Köln: ART COLOGNE
1985 Age waiting room, Cologne: Homage to Cologne

Participate in the 2007 International Festival of Arts Plastiques, Monastir, Tunisia
Participate in the 2005 International Festival of Arts Plastiques, Tunisia Maharès
2004 The wonderful life of Enzo Grillo, the European theater Multimdiales
Academy for Music and Performing Arts, Montepulciano, Italy
2003 The House of the gardener, Permanent installation in the hotel LandArt Lindlar
2001 sculpture on time, 'Alhambra' Cologne
Cyfuniad 2001, Plas Caerdeon, Wales
1999 participate in the art competition in the construction of the Federal Ministry of Justice, Berlin
Colours - Yellow House / Blue Coat, Liverpool
Collaborations, Malprojekt with Pete Clarke, Liverpool
Visionale Bonn, Bonn
1998 EIGHT DAYS A WEEK / Liverpool in Cologne
The 1990 congress - Forum of the People's High School, Cologneolo Exhibitons

Eight Days A Week

Liverpool Group

>> basement Project, History into basement, Liverpool, England

>> Bryan Biggs, Artist and Director of the Bluecoats Art Centre, Liverpool, England.

>> Dave Bixter, Artist and Co-Founder of Dying Frog, Liverpool, England.

>> James Buso, Artist and part of Royal Standard, Liverpool, England.

>> Pete Clarke, Artist and Head of Fine Art at UCLAN (Preston), Liverpool, England.

>> Alan Dunn, Artist and associated to Tenant Spin and FACT, Liverpool, England.

>> Lin Holland, Artist and Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, England.

>> Julie Jones, Artist and affiliate to Arena Studios, Liverpool, England.

>> Tony Knox, Artist and Curatorial Researcher for Podgy, Liverpool, England.

>> Paul Luckraft, Artist, Liverpool, England.

>> George Lund, Artist and Founder of Animal Utopia, Liverpool, England.

>> Susan Leask, Artist and Co-Curator of basement, Liverpool, England.

>> Geoff Molyneux, Artist and Lecturer at Liverpool Community College, Liverpool, England.

>> Neil Morris, Artist and Lecture at Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England.

>> Margaretha Schoening, Artist and Co-Curator of basement, Liverpool, England.

>> Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, Artist and Founder of Transvoyeur, Liverpool, England.

>> Adam Webster, Liverpool Musician and part of Frakture, Liverpool, England.

Cologne Group

>> Georg Gartz, Artist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Jurgen Kisters, Writer, Art Critic and Journalist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Veronika Moos Brockhagen, Artist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Kolner Stadt Enzieger, Cologne, Germany.

>> Tine Wille, Artist, Cologne, Germany.
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