Alan Dunn
Artist and associated to Tenant Spin FACT, Liverpool, England.

Rooney: Short Listed for Award.

An image of footballer Wayne Rooney has been short listed for an art award known as the "Turner Prize of the North". Artist Alan Dunn's billboard-sized piece shows the striker running and shouting towards another, smaller image in a corner of Rooney standing still.

The artwork is one of seven to be short listed for the £10,000 Comme Ca Art Prize to be presented in Liverpool. Dunn created the piece in January, before the England player's transfer from Everton to Manchester United. Dunn said: "Rooney seems to have two sides to his personality and he displays them both very openly. 'Dark and light'.

"In the larger image, you can see his aggression and in the smaller one he seems much calmer".

"I have been making art about football for 15 years and I like the characters that show dark and light."

Dunn's piece is titled "Folk who drive their cars at high speed through our city centres, folk who say they can't read when they can, folk who spout racist @&*! in taxis".

Those phrases also appear on the piece along with other text about social irritants. Dunn added: "The phrases are things that annoy me. They are a grumpy old man sort of thing."

Northern Exposure

He will find out if he has won on 25 November. Last year, the inaugural prize was won by Liverpool-based artist Paul Rooney. His video installation, inspired by "ordinary" jobs, was titled Flat 23: "Living Room, Main Bedroom and Second Bedroom". Set up by Manchester's Comme Ca Gallery, the prize is aimed at promoting art in the north of England, and is open to all UK artists as long as they have exhibited in the north in the past three years.

Comme Ca Art Director Claire Turner said: "The prize has been so well received by the art community and galleries. "It has certainly helped those working and exhibiting in the north to enjoy a wider profile."

Curriculum Vitae


1989-91 Glasgow School of Art, Masters' Degree in Fine Art.
1990 Art Institute of Chicago, M.F A. Program (winter semester).
1985-90 Glasgow School of Art, BA Hons Fine Art, Dept Environmental Art.

Selected Professional Experience

2001- FACT, tenantspin Superchannel Programme Manager, Liverpool.
2005 University of Lincolnshire, visiting lecturer (February).
2005 University of Central Lancashire, visiting lecturer (March).
2004 Northern Housing Consortium, Communities Making A Difference, Blackpool, seminar presentation.
2004 Almost Real, Utrecht, European Cultural Foundation, seminar presentation.
2004 Tuesday Lecture Series, Manchester Metropolitan University/Cornerhouse, speaker.
2003 Assett Based Community Development, Windsor Castle Consultation, invited contributor.
2003 AN/Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, seminar presentation.
2003 Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, visiting lecturer.
2002 University of Sunderland, visiting lecturer.
2002 tvmeetstheweb, Amsterdam, conference speaker.
2001 Creative Solutions Conference, Reebok Stadium, Bolton, workshop artist.
2000 University of Illinois, Champaign, USA, visiting artist.
2000 Nova International, Great North Run, artist in residence.
1999-2000 ISIS Arts / St. Thomas More RC High School, artist in residence.
1999 The Big Issue In The North, Manchester, artist in residence.
1999 Liverpool Billboard Project, organiser and curator.
1999 Engage, education project organiser with Tullie House, Carlisle.
1999 Triangle Arts, International Artists Workshop, Caerdeon, Wales.
1996-9 Raffles Youth Project, artist in residence, Carlisle
1998-9 Wirral Drugs Service/Tate Gallery Liverpool, project artist
1998 Herder Gymnasium, Cologne, Artist in Schools Programme
1996-7 Tate Gallery, Liverpool, sessional arts worker, Education Dept
1996 Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, Football Artist In Residence (euro '96).
1994 Washington DC Very Special Arts, USA, artist in residence.
1992 Dick Institute Museum, Kilmarnock, artist in residence.
1990-91 Bellgrove Station Billboard Project, Glasgow, project organiser.
1990 The European Special Olympics, Glasgow, project co-ordinator.
1987-89 Easterhouse Arts Project, Glasgow, sessional arts worker & committee member.

Selected Exhibitions and Non-Gallery Work (* Publication available).

2005 Futuresonic, playback of audio work ‘mid.sentence., Manchester.
2005 FACT FM, playback of 36 Compositions, online radio station.
2005 Silent Shorts, exterior screenings, curated by Miriam Thyes, Uecker Square, Dusseldorf.
2005 Populism, in collaboration with tenantspin, Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre, Frankfurter Kunstverein, National Museum of Art & Design in Oslo, Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art in Helsinki.
2005 Living It Up! in collaboration with tenantspin, Museum of Liverpool Life.
2005 EAST05 International + tenantspin, Norwich Art Gallery.
2005 Black Sheets, 2-minute animation presented on Big Screen, Liverpool (Friday 13 May).
2005 Anthology of Art (Not Dead White Man) at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. (*)
2005 Thirty-six compositions for a Woolton Jukebox, audio CD for jukeboxes, in collaboration with Jeff Young, Woolton, Liverpool (cantaudio 014).
2004-5 Anthology of Art (Not Dead White Man) at Akademie der Kunste, Berlin, Germany. (*)
2004 Project 01, assembly (projects), The Novas Building, Liverpool.
2004 taster, limited edition audio CD (cant audio 010).
2004 full smiles of the deceased, limited edition audio CD (cant audio 009).
2004 LAST, exterior screening of short film, The Bigger Picture, Cornerhouse, BBC & Manchester City Council.
2004 hungary, limited edition audio CD (cant audio 008).
2004 canny, limited edition audio CD (cant audio 007).
2004 folk who drive their cars at high speed through our city centres..., billboard, Liverpool.
2004 Put your hands where we can see them, group show, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.
2004 storytelling: Hilary Thorn, Platform, Melbourne.
2004 Honour, billboard, Liverpool.
2004 sampler, limited edition audio CD (cant audio 006).
2004 faith:drunk:leap:rage, limited edition audio CD (cant audio 005).
2003 GRAYVEN, limited edition audio CD (cant audio 004).
2003 lichth(of) fire, limited edition audio CD (cant audio 003).
2003 Honour, posterworks, By The Way, Bergen, Norway.
2003 will tear us apart, limited edition audio CD (cant audio 002).
2003 everything you hope from..., limited edition audio CD (cant audio 001).
2003 can't put your arms around a memory, billboard work, Liverpool.
2002 Anthology of Art (Not Dead White Man) at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.
2002 Footballers' Lives (Not Dead White Man), BBC Scotland.
2002 can't take my eyes off you, two billboard works, Liverpool.
2001 Honour, ten flyposted works, with Atrocidades Maravilhosas, Rio de Janeiro.
2001 WALK:DON'T, billboard with Charles Watkins, Margate. (*)
2001 Composer Proposer, three billboard works, Liverpool.
2001 Anthology of Art, initiated by Jochen Gerz at
2001 Not Dead White Man, billboard work in 'Gorilla Tactics', JumpShipRat, Liverpool.
2000-1 Fireworks, digital glow-in-the-dark billboards with youth groups, Newcastle.
2000-1 Identikit, documentation exhibitions, The Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.
2000 School of Tyneside, anaglyph billboards with St. Thomas More High School, North Tyneside. (*)
2000 Brief Encounters, group show, Platform Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2000 Six 48-sheet billboard works with 100 young people & The Great North Run, North East. (*)
1999 Big Exhibition (Big Issue In The North); with vendors, Manchester, Bolton, Liverpool, Leeds. (*).
1999 Kiss/TV/Jimmy, three bus shelter posters with ARCH/Wirral Drug Service.
1999 Colour Blind, multiple of 30 computer disc artworks, Herder Editions, Cologne.
1999 Virtual Art Raffles, development of digital art web site, Carlisle.
1999 Art Laboratory UK, Off The Beaten Track, exterior events, Venice & Merseyside.
1999 Doctors of Spin, interior audio-visual event with DJ, Carlisle. (*)
1999 A rolling stone gathers no moss, performance with S. Victor, Caerdeon, Wales.
1999 Revolting Julies (Tiananmen Square), billboard with D.Chapple & S.Wood, Carlisle.
1998-9 Fantasy Football Art League, Walsall, Birmingham, Carlisle, Derby and Newcastle. (*)
1998 Break Dance - Let's Art! billboard/vinyl records, Belfast Billboard Project
1998 The Museum, mobile audio-visual display-on-wheels, Raffles, Carlisle
1998 Take The Mike Away, limited edition 7" picture disc single (with P.Jeck), Liverpool. (*)
1998 Heart + Mind, digital/ceramic tiles, Photo 98 & Ebor Gardens Primary School, Leeds. (*)
1998 Engaged, group show, Lichthof der VHS, Cologne. (*)
1997 Gold for Everybody (Foreign Investment Group Show), B.M. Contemporary Art, Istanbul. (*)
1997 It was thirty years ago today (Sgt Pepper group show), Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool. (*)
1997 B.A.F./Edition KIöckner, group show, Frankfurt Art Fair Germany. (*)
1997 The Bin Issue, music/art-on-wheels touring events, public parks, Merseyside.
1996 In The City (with A. Dempster), The Bonington Gallery, Nottingham.
1996 GIRLS HIGH - 10 years of Environmental Art, group show, Glasgow. (*)
1996 RAY + JULIE LOOK OUT!! (with B.Jurack), Three Month Gallery, Liverpool.
1995 Scooby-Doo, organiser/curator, group show, Croxteth Hall, Liverpool. (*)
1995 Pay Us What You Owe Us, digital animation, Derby Photography Festival. (*)
1994 New Clothes (with A. Dempster), The Fringe Gallery, Glasgow. (*).
1994 Sean Connery, Nottingham, painting installed on 1896 rail tunnel.
1994 The Surgeon's Photograph (Loch Ness Monster), Derby, billboard & bookwork.
1993 Reality, Fantasy & Frank (Sinatra), with Pensionersí Action Group, Castlemilk, Glasgow.
1993 Art Multiple Fair (Flag Editions), Messe Düsseldorf, Germany. (*)
1993 The Daily Planet (with A.Dempster), Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.
1993 Retreat (solo show), Dick Institute Art Gallery Kilmarnock. (*)
1992 Bridge (with A.Dempster), Birmingham Billboard Project. (*)
1990-91 The Bellgrove Station Billboard Project, organiser + curator, Glasgow. (*)
1989 National Review of Live Art, group show, billboard, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow. (*)
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Eight Days A Week

Liverpool Group

>> basement Project, History into basement, Liverpool, England

>> Bryan Biggs, Artist and Director of the Bluecoats Art Centre, Liverpool, England.

>> Dave Bixter, Artist and Co-Founder of Dying Frog, Liverpool, England.

>> James Buso, Artist and part of Royal Standard, Liverpool, England.

>> Pete Clarke, Artist and Head of Fine Art at UCLAN (Preston), Liverpool, England.

>> Alan Dunn, Artist and associated to Tenant Spin and FACT, Liverpool, England.

>> Lin Holland, Artist and Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, England.

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>> Tony Knox, Artist and Curatorial Researcher for Podgy, Liverpool, England.

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>> Neil Morris, Artist and Lecture at Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England.

>> Margaretha Schoening, Artist and Co-Curator of basement, Liverpool, England.

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