Pete Clarke
Artist and Head of Fine Art at UCLAN (Preston), Liverpool, England.

>> Pete Clarke: Constructed Views .

PETE CLARKE lives in Liverpool, United Kingdom and is the MA Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. He studied Fine Art Painting and Printmaking at West of England College of Art, Bristol and then received his MA degree at Chelsea School of Art.

Clarke has exhibited extensively, with recent exhibitions in Cologne, Hagen, Rome and Wiesbaden. Old poems and half remembered quotations, industrial streets and suburban parks, architectural relics, follies and monuments, the city and the sea create a subject for Pete Clarke’s work.

There is a sense of reconciling simultaneous and contradictory viewpoints, in many ways this is a cubist world, history painting and aesthetic process mediating the constructed image. He is co-organiser of “Eight Days a Week”, through which reciprocal exhibitions, projects and events have been held in Liverpool and Cologne. Recently Clarke has made paintings, prints and installations with the artist Georg Gartz from Köln, exploring collaborative strategies within contemporary practice questioning individuality, authorship and authenticity.

Pete Clarke, Georg Gartz & Pete Clarke

From ‘Collaboration’ catalogue essay by Bryan Biggs, Director of Arts, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool 2000. He cites “Through this dialogic process a body of painting has emerged which offers us, not a series of composite impressions of the urban landscape, but a kind of visual meditation on the city, an amalgam of different perspectives. The paintings raise questions about how we picture the world, challenging the notion of a single fixed authorial point of view. They also interrogate the practice of painting itself through the methodology of the collaborative approach – the process of applying paint to canvas becoming a discursive act.

Curriculum Vitae

Pete Clarke studied at Burnley Municipal College, Bristol Polytechnic and M. A. in Fine Art Chelsea School of Art. He is Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and MA Course Leader at University of Central Lancashire, Preston.


‘Environs - The City as a Site and Sign of Modernity’
‘Eight days a week’, Liverpool with Köln, the artists’ initiative reciprocal exchange project, co organiser and curator since 1998, European City of Culture Project 2008.
‘Collaborations’ a European painting project with Georg Gartz, Köln since 1998.
‘Ben Patterson and Fluxus’, project coordinator with Liverpool Art School & Liverpool Community College
‘Unheimlich’, ‘Die Halle’,Wiesbaden, Germany & Static Gallery, Liverpool, ‘Unheimlich’ was an exhibition concept uniting British and European Artists.
‘Interface’, Kooperative K, Hagen, Germany & Liverpool Art School 2003-4, Interface explores European artists working in collaboration, challenging concepts of originality and authenticity through dialogue and experimentation.

Featured Websites

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Solo Exhibitions 1981- 2002

'Prints & Drawings', Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.
'Social Studies', Pentonville Gallery, London.
'City Observations', Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.
'Constructed Views', Rochdale Art Gallery.
'Artist in Residence: Kelvin Flats', Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield.
'Streets & Institutions', Scott Gallery, Lancaster University.
'Colonial Buildings: The Architecture of Power', Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston.
'Environs: Structure: Gestures', The Arts Centre, Darlington.
'Letters to Language', Cornerhouse, Manchester.
‘Capital’, New End Gallery, Hampstead, London.
‘Paintings and Moments’, University of Liverpool Gallery
‘flowers and follies’, C/o Galerie Thomas Zander, Köln, Germany.
‘City of ships and stores’, No 37, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.
‘numberless islands’, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight.

Collaborations with Köln Artist Georg Gartz 1998 - 2004

‘Collaborations’, Galerie Lichthof, Köln & Huyton Gallery, Merseyside.
‘Die Brücke’, Atelier, Nippes, Köln.
‘Responses’ Bilderrahmen Werkstatt, Köln
‘Chatting with colours’ Kunstwerk Kunstschalter E.V., Köln.
‘Collaborators’, Residency project in Graphic Arts, Liverpool Art School.
‘Interface’, ‘Kooperative K’, Hagen, Germany.
‘Crash 1’, VHS Köln, Germany
‘Zwischenraum: wir’, Gummersbach, Germany.

Works in Major British and German Public and Private Collections

Liverpool University, Leicester Education Authority, Sheffield City Art Galleries, Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead, National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside and Arts Council of England.

Selected Group Exhibitions 1985 -1990

'Summer in the City', Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
'Human Interest', Cornerhouse, Manchester.
'Print 86' Printmaker's Council’, The Barbican Centre, London.
‘Connections', Cornerhouse, Manchester & Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.
City Life', Cornerhouse, Manchester.
'Urban Views', Turnpike Gallery, Leigh.
‘BBK - Bundesverband Bildender Kunstler’, Cologne, Germany.
'State of the Nation', Herbert Gallery, Coventry.
‘Facades: Faces of the City', Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
'Depicting History for Today', Mappin, Sheffield: Leeds City and Rochdale Art Galleries.
'Current Work - A Reputation Amongst Artists', Selected with Peter de Francia and Sonia Lawson,
Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield.
'Work from the Permanent Collection', Sheffield City Art Galleries.

Selected Group Exhibitions 1990 - 2000

'A Story to Tell - Narrative in British Art', Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield.
'A Pool of Signs', Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.
'Artists at Work', Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.
'Codenames', 3-Month Gallery, Liverpool.
‘Provocative Prints’, New End Gallery, London.
‘Engagement - Eight Days a Week’, Lichthof Gallery, Cologne.
‘Glitter’, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.

Selected Group Exhibitions 2000 - 04

‘AnOther Place’, Storey Institute’, Lancaster.
‘Unheimlich’ Die Halle, Wiesbaden
‘nothing but the facts’ Lavatoio Contumaciale, Rome.
‘Remembering Utopia’, Salerno, Italy.
‘Kultur & Natur, Höhen Art’, Site Sculpture, Simonskall, Germany
‘Arena Gallery’, Liverpool
‘Crash 2, New Painting’ VHS, Köln.
‘New Painting’ ‘Liverpool Biennial’.

Commissioned Publications

‘Constructed Views’, Rochdale Art Gallery 1984.
‘Working Images’, Liverpool Artists Workshop 1985.
‘Human Interest, 50 Years of British Art’ Norbert Lynton, Cornerhouse Publications 1985.
‘Urban Views’, Turnpike Gallery 1986.
‘Connections’, Cornerhouse Publications 1986.
‘State of the Nation’, Sarah Selwood 1987.
‘Now for the Future’, Arts Council Acquisitions 1984-1988
‘Letters to Language’, Cornerhouse Publications 1996.
‘Paintings and Moments’, Pam Meecham, University of Liverpool 1998.
‘Eight days a week’, Köln/Liverpool 1998&2000
‘Collaborations’, A project by Pete Clarke & Georg Gartz, 2000
‘Unheimlich’, Static Publications 2001.
‘Unheimlich’, [a-n] For Artists, September 2001
‘teach the children nothing but facts’ Lavatoio Contumaciale, Rome 2001.
‘Liverpool Biennial’, [a-n] For Artists, September 2002
‘Internationale Kunstausstellung’, 2003.
‘A-N for artists’, Guest preview writer for August Edition 2004.
Routledge Books , Advisor for media and cultural studies.
‘The Treasures of Liverpool’ Five Arts Cities, Channel Five & Arts Council of England.

Recent Lectures / Conferences

‘Eight days a week’ Liverpool Town Hall 2000.
‘American abstraction’, Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2001.
‘Formal Situations’, Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2003.
‘Michel Majerus Pop Reloaded’, Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2004.
‘Rhinegold – Liverpool& Cologne’, Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2004.
‘In Conversation with Mark Wallinger’, Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2005
‘Impact/ Kontakt’, Printmaking Conference, Berlin & Poznan, Poland 2005.

Eight Days A Week

Liverpool Group

>> basement Project, History into basement, Liverpool, England

>> Bryan Biggs, Artist and Director of the Bluecoats Art Centre, Liverpool, England.

>> Dave Bixter, Artist and Co-Founder of Dying Frog, Liverpool, England.

>> James Buso, Artist and part of Royal Standard, Liverpool, England.

>> Pete Clarke, Artist and Head of Fine Art at UCLAN (Preston), Liverpool, England.

>> Alan Dunn, Artist and associated to Tenant Spin and FACT, Liverpool, England.

>> Lin Holland, Artist and Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, England.

>> Julie Jones, Artist and affiliate to Arena Studios, Liverpool, England.

>> Tony Knox, Artist and Curatorial Researcher for Podgy, Liverpool, England.

>> Paul Luckraft, Artist, Liverpool, England.

>> George Lund, Artist and Founder of Animal Utopia, Liverpool, England.

>> Susan Leask, Artist and Co-Curator of basement, Liverpool, England.

>> Geoff Molyneux, Artist and Lecturer at Liverpool Community College, Liverpool, England.

>> Neil Morris, Artist and Lecture at Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England.

>> Margaretha Schoening, Artist and Co-Curator of basement, Liverpool, England.

>> Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, Artist and Founder of Transvoyeur, Liverpool, England.

>> Adam Webster, Liverpool Musician and part of Frakture, Liverpool, England.

Cologne Group

>> Georg Gartz, Artist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Jurgen Kisters, Writer, Art Critic and Journalist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Veronika Moos Brockhagen, Artist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Kolner Stadt Enzieger, Cologne, Germany.

>> Tine Wille, Artist, Cologne, Germany.
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