Tine Wille
Artist, Cologne, Germany.

Tine Wille image by Geoff Molyneux.

The Printmaking Residency and Exchange Programme 2005

Koln artist residence in Liverpool Art School.

Tine Wille and Georg Gartz arrived in Liverpool from Cologne from 26 June staying till Sunday 3 July. They worked with Neil Morris as artists in residence, making Fine Prints at the Liverpool Art School.

Tine Wille is also a performance artist and is planning to do a collaboration with liverpool based performance artist in 2006.

Curriculum Vitae

1968 in Straelen, Germany
1989-92 Painting at Alanus Artschool, Alfter/Bonn, Germany
1992-93 "Studio of individual development” at Tomek Wendland, Poznañ, Poland
1993 - 95 Art in social contextes, HdK Berlin
since 1995 living and working in Cologne, Germany
1999-2001 Member of the artits´gallery “Kunstgewinn“, Cologne

Group Shows

1993 Studio of indivudial development, Poznan, Poland.
1994 Sculpturer Center, Oronsko, Poland.
1995 “Inner Spaces”, Skoki, Poland.
1996 Galeria AT, Poznan, Poland.
1998 “Inner Spaces”, Galerie der Jesuiten, Poznan, Poland .
1999 “Presence”, Inner Spaces Multimedia Festival, Poznan, Poland.
1999 Biennale Liverpool, U.K.
1999 “Suicide Oasis”, Galerie Kunstgewinn, Cologne.
2000 “La Dolce Vita”, Inner Spaces Multimedia Festival, Poznan, Poland,
2000 “Eight Days A Week”, Static Gallery, Liverpool, U.K.
2000 Theaterhaus Köln.
2001 “Illumination by art” in private flats in Cologne.
2001 “Greenhouse”, Bornheim-Brenig.
2002 "Klara and Robert Schumann, Trinitatis Church, Bonn.
2003 “Light and Shadow”, Galerie am Werk, Leverkusen, Germany.
2003 “XXL-Painting”, Anatomic Institute of Cologne University, Cologne.
2003 Köln Salon, Werft.
2003 Köln Salon Munic.
2003 Psychonomics, Cologne.
2004 Gallery of Cologne University.
2004 "Crash" , group show with Liverpool and Cologne artits, Bezirksrathaus Köln-Nippes, Cologne.
2004 "by accidently lines and reddish spots", John Moors University, Liverpool, U.K..
2004 "Flurstücke", Private flat in Cologne.
2005 "XXL-Painting", Anatomic Institute of Cologne University.

Solo Exhibitions

1993 Shab, Cologne, Germany.
1997 “Bites”, Bürgerzentrum Ehrenfeld, Cologne, Germany.
2000 “Formic Acid“, Galerie Kunstgewinn, Cologne, Germany.


2001 “Effort to avoid it” ,Gut Ricsovary, Hungary, Summer Symposion, KulturAxe, Wien.
2002 “Painting is bad” Gut Ricsovary, Hungary, Summer Symposion, KulturAxe, Wien.
2003 “Heart-Beat-Root”Galerie holbein10, Cologne, Germany.
2003 "Kosmetikum”, Gizycko, Poland, Summer Symposion, KulturAxe, Wien.
2003 “Everything forgotten”, Anatomic Institute of Cologne University during the exhibition "Identity", Cologne, Germany.
2003 “Saccharin”, ArtStore, Cologne, Germany.
2004 "Interakt", with Brigitte Küpper in the Anatomic Institute of Cologne University, Cologne, Germany.
2004 "(Half-) Princess under the lense" In the studio of the artist Wolfgang Siemens, Cologne, Germany.
2004 "For to come here", Fort Boyen, Gizycko, Poland, Sommer Symposion, KulturAxe, Wien.
2004 "Mission", Artstore, Cologne, Germany.
2004 "Element Quest", Private flat in Cologne, Germany.
2004 "The Order", Anatomic Institute of Cologne University, Cologne, Germany.
2005 "White-Mauve-Gold", Performance-Cycle, Kunstwerk, Cologne, Germany.
2005 "The wrong side of the morning", Bezirksrathaus Lindenthal, Cologne, Germany.
2005 "Interakt" with Brigitte Küpper, Galerie am Werk, Leverkusen, Germany.
2005 "SUITE" performance project in "Kunstwerk", Cologne, Germany during the "Cologne long night of the museums".
2005 "Exchanging the dippers", performance with Maria Schmidt Dzionsko, Anatomic Institute, Cologne, Germany.
2005 "Schichten" Performance with Brigitte Küpper, BBK, Cologne, Germany.

Eight Days A Week

Liverpool Group

>> basement Project, History into basement, Liverpool, England

>> Bryan Biggs, Artist and Director of the Bluecoats Art Centre, Liverpool, England.

>> Dave Bixter, Artist and Co-Founder of Dying Frog, Liverpool, England.

>> James Buso, Artist and part of Royal Standard, Liverpool, England.

>> Pete Clarke, Artist and Head of Fine Art at UCLAN (Preston), Liverpool, England.

>> Alan Dunn, Artist and associated to Tenant Spin and FACT, Liverpool, England.

>> Lin Holland, Artist and Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, England.

>> Julie Jones, Artist and affiliate to Arena Studios, Liverpool, England.

>> Tony Knox, Artist and Curatorial Researcher for Podgy, Liverpool, England.

>> Paul Luckraft, Artist, Liverpool, England.

>> George Lund, Artist and Founder of Animal Utopia, Liverpool, England.

>> Susan Leask, Artist and Co-Curator of basement, Liverpool, England.

>> Geoff Molyneux, Artist and Lecturer at Liverpool Community College, Liverpool, England.

>> Neil Morris, Artist and Lecture at Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England.

>> Margaretha Schoening, Artist and Co-Curator of basement, Liverpool, England.

>> Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, Artist and Founder of Transvoyeur, Liverpool, England.

>> Adam Webster, Liverpool Musician and part of Frakture, Liverpool, England.

Cologne Group

>> Georg Gartz, Artist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Jurgen Kisters, Writer, Art Critic and Journalist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Veronika Moos Brockhagen, Artist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Kolner Stadt Enzieger, Cologne, Germany.

>> Tine Wille, Artist, Cologne, Germany.

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