Susan Leask
Artist and Co-Curator of basement, Liverpool, England.

The installation artist Susan Leask becomes for a while in the Moltkerei – workshop in the Moltkestr. 8 spend to let appear the space in a new light. For Susan Leask who works alternately in the inside area and undeveloped outskirt area the conversion of historical-laden (art) is places a draft of experience which ties together specific features specific for place with a cultural-covering aesthetics.

In Cologne.“The basement has brought visiting artists from Europe, Asia and Africa to Liverpool to share a concept of exploration and experimentation and create new installation work inspired by the location.

Leask has also done a residency in Finland launched a publication featuring her work entitled 'Travelling Light' (ISBN 0-9550808-0-0) in December 2005 at Tate Liverpool, England.

More information on Leask and the basement [ >> basement Project, History into Basement, Liverpool, England.]

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