Tony Knox
Artist and Curatorial Researcher for Podgy, Liverpool, England.

Tony Knox is an artists of diverse experience and curator of many cultural programmes.

He graduated in 1999 from Sunderland University in BA (Hons) Photography and Video Design and is currently studying for his Masters in Visual Arts at Preston University, England.

He has worked for many art institutions and establishments, including the A Foundation, Liverpool Biennial and St Helens Borough Council. He has exhibited internationally and synonymous for his character of 'Moth Man'. A pseudo wrestler evolved from research and development of popular culture and the wrestling forum in post modern society.

Other websites associated in the different programmes and projects of Knox are:

As well as his creative practice, he is experienced in various multi media design, ranging from digital short films, websites and many others. As well, as working in education as a Mentor and Lecturer and outreach programmes as a Workshop Leader.

Curriculum Vitae


2005-2007 MA Time Based Media (Fine Art) (Pending).
2002 Leadership Workshop Course (Diploma), LIPA, Liverpool, England.
2002 National Vocational Qualification in Visual Arts Practice (Level 4).
2000 Teaching Certificate Level One & Two .7307 City & Guilds,
Wigan College, England.
1999 BA (Hons) 2.1 Photography, Video, Digital Imaging.
Sunderland University, England.
1995 B.T.E.C (ND) Photography, Wigan College, England.

Professional Experience

Curatorial Researcher.
Multi-media Designer.
Painter (Mixed media).
Workshops Leader.
Projects Co-ordinator.
Consultant Curatorial Initiatives.

Biography and Artist Statement

• Tony Knox has initiated several curatorial and collaborative programmes throughout the Northwest of England and internationally.

• He has founded the precepts of Podgy on his continued practice, both as an artist and curator, conceiving projects to touch on a wide range of concepts and enabling research and development in the contemporary arts.

• His previous projects include Curator of the Egg Space Gallery (2000-2005), formerly the Acorn Gallery, based in Liverpool, England.

• Knox's is a visual artist who has used different media and creative processes in his practice. These have included photography, painting, multi media and performance. His interest has been in the theme of the hero and significantly wrestling.

• He has workerd for several institutions and galleries, such as Museum Man, the A Foundation, St Borough Council, Wirral Borough Council, Bolton University and many others.

Exhibitions and Projects

MA Interim Exhibition, PR1 Gallery, Preston, England, 2007.

Field Project, BBC Big Screen, Liverpool, England.
Field Project, 5a Gallery, St Helens, England.
Cosmic Cabaret in the Potting Shed, Walk the Plank in association the Bluecoat Art Centre, Liverpool Biennial and Transvoyeur, Independents Liverpool 2006, Liverpool, England.
Transvoyeur Performance Art Platform 2006, View Two Gallery, Liverpool, England, Independents Liverpool Biennial 2006.
Transvoyeur Liverpool and New York Exhibition 2006, Independents Liverpool Biennial 2006.
Fly to the Light, Egg Space Gallery, Liverpool, England.
Museum Man in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Arizona, US.
Flagging Down May Day, Museum Man and London Biennale, Sefton Park, Liverpool, England.
Flagging Down May Day, Museum Man and London Biennale, London, England.
Past Present Furture, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh.
In Exposed Areas , Kulturbunker Mülheim Koln, Germany.
Collective Wellington Mill, Manchester, England.

South Bohemian Change of Leadership, Liverpool Civic Town Hall, Liverpool, England.
Live, Egg Space Gallery, Liverpool, England.
Berliner Kunst Salon, Museum Man, Berlin, Germany.
Museum Man, Venice Biennial 2005, Italy.
Objects of Desire, Turnpike gallery, Leigh, England.
Moonstruck, The Hong Kong Artists' Biennial 2005, China.
Doll Man Disco Live Performance, Walk the Plank, Liverpool, England.
Voyeur, 340 Old Street Gallery, London, England.

Bart Screening, Arts in Bars,3345 and Bluu. Liverpool, England.
10x10, Egg space Gallery, Liverpool, England.
If, Museum Screening of Moth Man, Krakow, Poland.
TransVoyeur (Anglo American Cultural Programme), Liverpool Biennial 2004, Liverpool, England.
Poets and Artist, Atkinson Gallery, Southport, England.
Gesquoi Part III, Egg Space Gallery, Liverpool, England.
Gesquoi Part II, Visual Arts in the City, Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool, England.
Gesquoi Part I, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, England.

Yoke and Zoom,Tokyo, Japan.
Sefton Open, Atkinson Gallery, Southport, England.
Realisation (Liverpool European Capital of Culture Bid 2008), The Atrium (Liverpool Echo Building), The Walker Art Gallery and The Palm House, Liverpool, England.
New for Old Exhibition (Liverpool City of Culture Bid 2008), Egg Space Gallery, Liverpool, England.

What’s in the Paper Bag, Blundell Street, Liverpool Biennial 2002, Liverpool, England.
The Bath, St. Johns (Sumer Erek), Liverpool Biennial 2002, Liverpool, England.
Sefton Open, Atkinson Gallery, Southport, England.
Free Market, St Johns, Liverpool Biennial 2002, Liverpool, England.
Paisley Bills, Domino Gallery, Liverpool Biennial 2002, Liverpool, England.
Art Factory, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh, England.
Moonroom Gallery, Parr Street, Liverpool, England.
Best Before End, Stairs Gallery, Turnpike Centre, Leigh, England.
Collect Gallery, Liverpool, England.
Drawlab, World of Glass, St. Helens, Merseyside.

Frontiera Two, Lasi, Romania.
Ape (Collect), Liverpool, England.
Poached, Egg Gallery. Liverpool, England.
Sefton Open, The Atkinson gallery, Southport, England.
Stockport Open, Stockport Art Gallery, Stockport, England.
Premium bonds, Citadel Arts Venue, St .Helens, England.
Access for Artists, Bolton University, Bolton, England.
3 Expression, The View Gallery, Liverpool, England.

Misc, The Egg Gallery, Liverpool, England.
Become Your Own Hero, Bluecoat Chambers Art Gallery. Liverpool, England.
Aartvark Gallery, Dewsbury, England.
Acorn Gallery, Liverpool, England.
Viewpoint Gallery, Salford, Manchester, England.
ACM, Group show, Rochdale, England.

Viewpoint Gallery, Salford, England.
Exchange Flags, Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art 1999, Liverpool, England.
Sunderland University Degree Show, Sunderland, England.
Football, Reg Vardey Gallery, Sunderland, England.

Solo Show with Independent Theatre Company, Sunderland, England.

Contracts and Commissions

Web Designer, Wigan Artist Network, Wigan and Leigh, England.
Web Designer, Field Project, St Helens, England.
Artist in Residence, Field Project, St Helens, England.
Web Designer, Pete Clark (Artist Website), Liverpool, England.
Web Designer, Moth Man Website, England.
Web Designer, Garage Pro Wrestling, England.
Web Designer, Eight Days a Week Arts (Liverpool/Cologne), Liverpool, England.
Web Designer, Museum Man, Liverpool, England.
Photographer, Museum Man, Liverpool, England.

SWALK- Tsunami Benefit Event, Liverpool, England.

Novas Building Stage 2, Curator and Consultant, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, England.
Web Designer, Podgy Curatorial Initiatives, Liverpool, England.
Bart Curator the Art in Bars Programme, Liverpool, England.
Transvoyeur, Anglo American Cultural Initiative, Liverpool, England.
The Sefton Open Haikau Project, Atkinson Gallery, Southport, England.
Current Lecturer, Bolton Institute, Bolton, England.

Realisations Workshops, Bronte Centre, Liverpool, England.

Curator of Blundell Street, (Liverpool Biennial 2002), Liverpool, England.
Art Residency, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh, England.
Kick Start Arts, Workshop Leader, Birkenhead, England.
Active Drama, Workshop Leader, Birkenhead, England.

Frontiers selected English artist (work represent in Romanian).
Curator of the Egg Gallery, Liverpool, England.
Draw lab Art Bursary St. Helens College, England.
Lecturer, Wigan College, Wigan, England.

Curator of Misc Exhibition at the Egg Space Gallery, Liverpool, England..
Mab Lane Junior School, Art Residency ‘Super Heroes’, Liverpool, England.
Curator of ‘Unquiet Slumbers’ Exhibition at the Egg Gallery, Liverpool, England.
Photographic Assistant at Photographic Imaging, Bolton, England.
Mini-Lab Operator at Costco, St. Helens, England.
Access for Artists in Schools, Bolton Institute of Art, Bolton, England.

Gallery Assistant, Blue Coat Chambers, Liverpool, England.
Information Assistant/Gallery Assistant, Liverpool Biennial, England.
Photographic Award, Jessops National Student Competition.
Photographic Assistant, Byron Bay, N.S.W Australia.

Photo Editor, Grass Roots Magazine, Sunderland, England.
Official Photographer and Delegate, Voices Conference World Environmental Charter, Turkey.

Digital Dreams, Invigilator, Newcastle, England.
Public Relations and Photographer, Green Festival, Newcastle, England.

Photographic Editor, Degrees North Student Newspaper, Sunderland, England.95-97

Freelance Photographer, Wigan, England.

Photography/Art Workshop, Youth Theatre, St. Helens, England.


AA2A, Bolton University, England.
Jessop National Student Competition, Birmingham, England.


Eight Days a Week Liverpool/Cologne Art Group, Stirring Group Member.
Transvoyeur, Curatorial Researcher and Stirring Group Member.
Wigan Artist Network, Stirring Group Member.

Eight Days A Week

Liverpool Group

>> basement Project, History into basement, Liverpool, England

>> Bryan Biggs, Artist and Director of the Bluecoats Art Centre, Liverpool, England.

>> Dave Bixter, Artist and Co-Founder of Dying Frog, Liverpool, England.

>> James Buso, Artist and part of Royal Standard, Liverpool, England.

>> Pete Clarke, Artist and Head of Fine Art at UCLAN (Preston), Liverpool, England.

>> Alan Dunn, Artist and associated to Tenant Spin and FACT, Liverpool, England.

>> Lin Holland, Artist and Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, England.

>> Julie Jones, Artist and affiliate to Arena Studios, Liverpool, England.

>> Tony Knox, Artist and Curatorial Researcher for Podgy, Liverpool, England.

>> Paul Luckraft, Artist, Liverpool, England.

>> George Lund, Artist and Founder of Animal Utopia, Liverpool, England.

>> Susan Leask, Artist and Co-Curator of basement, Liverpool, England.

>> Geoff Molyneux, Artist and Lecturer at Liverpool Community College, Liverpool, England.

>> Neil Morris, Artist and Lecture at Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England.

>> Margaretha Schoening, Artist and Co-Curator of basement, Liverpool, England.

>> Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, Artist and Founder of Transvoyeur, Liverpool, England.

>> Adam Webster, Liverpool Musician and part of Frakture, Liverpool, England.

Cologne Group

>> Georg Gartz, Artist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Jurgen Kisters, Writer, Art Critic and Journalist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Veronika Moos Brockhagen, Artist, Cologne, Germany.

>> Kolner Stadt Enzieger, Cologne, Germany.

>> Tine Wille, Artist, Cologne, Germany.
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