Veronika Moos Brockhagen
Artist, Cologne, Germany.

Veronika Moos Brockhagen, Artist in Cologne: “The absolutely priority is entiteld to the textile art, because she gives us to detect itself as it were the source of all art......”

Gottfried Semper, Architekt, 1803-1879.


Letting my thoughts travel in the suspense of my own life, between growing and going, hard and soft. The idea of entirety in plurality accompanies the creation. Tying and untying shape the process of solidification and form, of an actually pliant and versatile medium. Material, sculpturesque ability and sensibility join to a tectonic system. This leads to a field of tension and exitement. Flexability and a change of form at random remain, inspite of a structural treatment and integration, and lead to a characteristic rhythm.


1982 - 1988
Studies Fine Arts at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz (Diploma by Prof. Knoche-Wendel).
Studies Philosophy and Art Education.


Award for Artists by the State of Rheinland Pfalz (Germany)
2003 Scholarship of the “Jakob Eschweiler” Foundation

Collaboration: Veronika Moos-Brochhagen (Cologne) and Lin Hollant (Liverpool)

The main focal point for Veronika Moos-Brochhagen in her work is the use of textiles as a symbol. She experiments with different techniques and explores various concepts as a form of meditation. Traditional expectations of textile material are contradicted and in this way she creates new perspectives towards an ancient material.

Lin Holland reflects daily experiences in her work and makes objects with associative character. In her (mostly white) sculpture she often alludes to the figure and uses this as allegory to explore borderline situations of human existence. In November 2001 Lin Holland exhibited at Ignis Gallery in Cologne. For this exhibition she created an installation made entirely from paper with the title "The Hill".

In March 2002 Veronika Moos-Brochhagen used the same exhibition room in Ignis and manufactured an installation with the title: “Spheres”. This work responded to the previous work from Lin Holland.

At the beginning of the collaboration between Lin Holland and Veronika Moos-Brochhagen they discussed many ideas, establishing similarities and differences between their cities, their daily lives and the content of their work.

Collaboration: Veronika Moos-Brochhagen (Cologne) and Lin Hollant (Liverpool).

Out of this discussion grew an interest in the concept of “Belonging and Going Beyond” which encompasses many of their experiences of working as artists whilst also belonging to practical daily living.


2005 :Herbst/Autumn Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool.
2005: “Manufactum 2005” Museum Zons, Schloßstr. 1, 41541 Dormagen.
2005: “GEDOK-FormART 2005 - Klaus-Oschmann-Preis” GEDOK-Galerie, Hölderlinstrasse.Stuttgart.
2005 Juli/July : “Stille” Kloster Knechtsteden, Dormagen.
2005:May:”Textile Catalysts: Shibori shaping the 21th century” Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan.
2005April/Mai/May: St. Maria im Capitol, Koeln/Cologne.
2005 Sommer/Summer : Weltjugendtag/World Youth Day Koeln/Cologne.
2004/2005: “Belonging and beyond” A project by Veronika Moos, Cologne and Lin Holland, Liverpool.
2004: September - NovemberAnglican Cathedral, Liverpool.
2003-2005: Erstellung eines Hungertuchs für die Pfarrkirche St. Johannes der Taeufer in Erkrath.
2004 :About accidental lines and redness spots” Hope Street Gallery, Liverpool, UK.
2004 : Textile Kultur” Haslach (Österreich/Austria).
2004 : “Open Art GL 2004 - Kunst im Dialog”.
2004 : Kulturhaus Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach.
2004 : Crash”, Eight-days-a-week - Ergebnisse künstlerischer Zusammenarbeit - VHS, Köln/Cologne.
2004 : “Garantiert gebrauchsfrei” Niederrheinisches Museum , Düsseldor.
2003 : Auflösung und Verknüpfung“, 4. Galeriennacht, Galerie/Gallery Stracke, Köln/Cologne.
2003 : Art-Culture-Nature)“, Internationale Kunstausstellung, Huertgenwald/Simonskall.
2003 : Lichthüllen“, Galerie/Gallery Uni:kte, Pesch.
2003 : The Iceland Connections”, verschiedene Ort/different places (Island/Iceland.
2002 : Frau vor Ort“, Trinitatiskirche, Köln/Cologne.
2002 : Coincidence I/2002“, Ignis, Köln/Cologne.
2002 :made in Köln - gefunden in Liverpool“,Historical townhall of Cologne.
2002 : made in Köln - gefunden in Liverpool“, Galerie/Gallery ”The view II”, Liverpool.
2002 : The Iceland Connections”, Reykjavìk, Oflasvik, Korpúlfsstaðuir (Island/Iceland).
2002 : da blickt keiner durch”, Kunst im Maisfeld/Art in a maizefield, Leichlingen.
2002 : Tactile Dimensions“, London, Dublin, Harrogate.
2001 : “Tu was Du willst...”, Museum Baden, Solingen; Museum Schloss Hardenberg.
2001 : Wirklichkeiten der Oberflaeche und der Tiefe, Galerie im Turm, Köln/Cologne.
2001 : Manufactum 2001, Niederrheinisches Museum, Kevelaer.
2000 “We want to build bridges”, Ausstellung mit der Künstlergruppe “Made-in-Koeln”.
2000 : Galerie/Gallery “The view”, Liverpool.
2000 : Zur Expo 2000: “Aus Hecken werden Häuser. Bauwerke als Baumwerke”.
2000 : Deutscher Werkbund NW, Bonn.
2000 : Studienreisen nach New York und Island.
2000 : Excursions to New York and Island.
1999 : Anknüpfungspunkt Textil”, Kreishaus Bergisch Gladbach.
1999 : ”Starting point textile”, District council, Bergisch Gladbach.
1999 : “Natur-Kunst-Werk”/”Nature Art”, Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung, Bonn.

Other Group Association

Initial member of the artgroup Tx 5.
Initial member of the artgroup ”Made-in-Köln”.
Active member of the artproject “Eight-Days-a-Week”.
Active member of the project for the Expo 2000:”(1998-2000).
Active member of the artinternet project “Unity” (Gedok Cologne and Brandenburg 1998/99).


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