A presentation of the initiative 'Eight Days A Week' from 10 to 12 October 2014 in the Church of the Resurrection in Cologne Book Forest ive painting action of 12 artists from Liverpool and Cologne,
Performance-music-literature-discussion program and a subsequent exhibition of paintings by the artist Pete Clarke, David Jacques, Anna Ketskemety, Tony Knox, Vicki Lucas Le Bon and Chiz turn Ross (from Liverpool) and Judith Ganz, Georg Gartz,
Rolf Jahn, Ursula Knorr, Arne Bernd Rhaue and Tibor Zsigmond (from Cologne)


Artists from Liverpool to present their works in Cologne. This is almost a matter of course, since the project "Eight Days A Week" was founded by artists from Cologne and Liverpool seventeen years ago.
More than 150 small and large events have since been realized by the free initiative at different locations in Cologne and in Liverpool. Inventory the first concern is to present the art and culture of a city in the other, direct cooperation projects are already in the center of the activities.


What it is closer, as her colors to be formally merge with painters? Or yet to have at least flow so that they abut each other and connect the images of a directly with those of the other.
"To-Look-Think-Draw-blade densities" is a project which brings together in October 2014 painter from Liverpool and painter from Cologne for three days in the Church of the Resurrection in Cologne-book forest and each of them created a large painting on site leaves, is the part of a big picture as a whole.


All paintings are on the two to the altar tapered building walls a continuous frieze result, will be on display on the important for the artist artistic motifs from both cities. Each participating artist will be sure to select a motif according a work of art that were in his city is particularly significant for him. For the Liverpool could a painting from the 19th century by Constable or Turner from the Walker Art Gallery or be Adrian Henri's composition "catchment Christ in Liverpool" from the 1960s or a typical Kitchen-Sink-paintings, in which the living conditions of the northern English working class reflects in the 1950s.
For the Kölner the Stefan Lochner's "Last Judgment" or Rembrandt's self-portrait from the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum could be a work of expressionism and pop art from the Museum Ludwig, a drawing by Käthe Kollwitz from the Kollwitz-Museum or a nail fetish the Ethnology Museum.


Each participating artist his subject can be selected and even bring in his own style on the canvas. Thus, for an exemplary visible images which impress artistic (pre-) contemporary artists. Secondly, it shows how (current) Artist acquire existing works of art and turn it into their own works. Current culture and art is always formed on the ground and from the roots of history. At the same time show up in the very individual approaches by artists from two different cities and two different countries, where the artistic changes of today there are, but also what are continuities.


The 20 meter long walls on both sides of the church are to be covered with 2 meters long and 1.50 meters high screens on which the painting is to be built. "From There to Here" therefore means artistically:
Bring this particular image that impressed you in a Cologne or Liverpool Museum, on the (linseed) wall, it own in your own artistic way and put it in a new context. Bring designs from Liverpool to Cologne, give motives of Cologne on the way to Liverpool. Bring your passion and your very own form of expression on the (linseed) wall. And bring - quite contrary to the artistic and cultural trend - maybe even a confession or a message to the public on the (linseed) wall. And thus spur on the cultural debate that is stuck in many places in clichés and surface charm. To-looking, order-thinking, To-Draw is asked.


The entire project "Eight Days A Week" is based on the insight that the visual arts must not lose its reference to the issues and experiences of the lived everyday life, if it is to develop their greatest effectiveness and importance. Inextricably linked to this is the realization that the various arts belong together and create a special endowment and power of knowledge, especially in interplay.   Therefore, the painting session will be accompanied on the three days of events from different cultural disciplines.

From Liverpool with David Jacques is a painter involved, who is very experienced with large-scale paintings, one of which can be seen at important public places, outdoor space and in museums, in Liverpool numerous. He is a realist painter just as influenced by the old masters like Diego Riviera Mexican variant of the wall painting. With Pete Clarke participates a painter who has long brings the careful picturesque dynamics and sensuality from the tradition of modern art with the intellectual experiments and fractures postmodern culture experience combined.


Anna Ketskemety an artist who is able to give a startling twist on smart-experimental manner of traditional care figurative painting. The miniature is also her element as forms in the space of cross paintings, with Tony Knox is an artist represented that unlocks the fine arts, especially in the spirit of performance and physical action for themselves. Wrestling and the fantasy figure of the moth's guide him in his quest for the true life in the universe of art.


Chiz Turn Ross and Vicki Lucas Le Bon artists are again embodying the looking-tempting creativity approach in Liverpool the wild 1980s with casual radicalism between poetry and rowdiness.
As a painter from Cologne with Georg Gartz, Judith Ganz, Rolf Jahn, Tibor Zsigmond, Arne Bernd Rhaue and Ursula Knorr involved painters, both in the figurative design, as well as on the field abstract-expressive Expressions lot of experience with large-screen formats have or public Malsituationen.


The event begins on Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday evening. On Friday evening, the organizers will be "From Here to There," an introduction to the project "Eight Days A Week" and the event.
As a performance artist from Liverpool Tony Knox are planned for Friday and Saturday with performances from the Cologne artists Marita Bull man and Béatrice Didier from performance network Paersche.

In the field of music performances of the project Stefan Schultze / Rolf Jahn, the Liverpoolers Chiz turn Ross (experimental) and the Cologne musician Wolfgang Noethen, Rudolf Koenen (all singer-songwriter) - distributed on all three days. A moderated discussion with the artists there on Sunday, also a reading of Bert Brune and Jürgen Kisters with everyday stories and notes from Cologne and Liverpool. Following the session time and the events of the second week of October, end the exhibition will be shown until the end of the month in the Resurrection Church.