EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, "the second"
Liverpool to Cologne - Festival of the initiative, Eight Days A Week '
20th September 2012 to 31 October 2012

"Eight days a week", that's the chorus line from a Beatles song. And those who think of the Beatles, has almost the same moment Liverpool in mind. Liverpool - the name of the ancient port city in northwest England, who once represented Britain's "Gateway to the New World." And as the birthplace of The Beatles and their stunning musical freedom in the 1960s for a short time the "center of the universe" was. So at that time, the words of the poet Allen Ginsberg. At the time now for quite a while ago. And as in many erstwhile important cities in Liverpool determines the memory of the glorious times of the history, the current presence not insignificant. In other words, the history of Liverpool is not just like all the past, the basis of the present. Rather, it is part of contemporary staged reality as the former seafarers and port workers, as well as the Beatles haunted still by the city, which has experienced in the last fifteen years a massive modernization drive.

Eight days a week from Eight-days-a-week on Vimeo.


Both the history of Liverpool and the current urban developments would be reason enough to care about the city and its people at Merseyfluss. But beyond that Liverpool is still Cologne's oldest sister city. Already in 1952 - shortly after the end of World War II, when Cologne still largely in ruins - found each other, the political representatives from Liverpool and Cologne, and they knew not only a mutual interest in reconciliation and cultural understanding, but in the middle of the Anglo-German differences, while significant similarities between the two cities and their people.

Mothman Comic book 2B
15 th September -25th November 2012
Bluecoat Hub, Independents Liverpool Biennial 2012
ArtClub Cologne

Artist : Tony Knox, Tine Wille (Cologne), Anna McDade, Andrew swingler, Tony Lavender

EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, "the second"
Liverpool to Cologne - Festival of the initiative, Eight Days A Week '
20th September 2012 to 31 October 2012
1. Happiness is a warm gun - art prospects in Liverpool and Cologne
September to 21 October 2012,
BBK Cologne eV, Frankenwerft 35/Stapelhaus, 50667 Cologne

Artists Adrian Henri, Bernadette O'Toole, Frances display, Ailie Rutherford, Nicki Mc'Cubbing, Michael Buthe, Martina Karbe, Sandra Zarth, Sarah Hildebrand
2. Something & Something new - similarities, differences, trends
30th September 2012, 4PM
Cultural work of BBK Cologne eV, Frankenwerft 35/Stapelhaus, 50667 Cologne.
Discussion on the development of art and art scene in Liverpool and Cologne with artists and art educators from both cities


3. Youngblood - Artists from Liverpool
21st September to 21 October 2012
VHS District Town hall, Lindenthal, Aachener Strasse 220, 50931 Cologne
Curtours Caroline Smith and Priya Sharma from Wolstenholme Creative Space, Liverpool.
Artists: Tomo, Tony Knox, Roly Carline, Josephine Hicks, Penny Davenport, Adrianna Galuppo, Rhonda Davies.

21st September 2012, 20 clock
VHS District Town Hall Gallery in Lindenthal, Aachener Strasse 220, 50931 Cologne

Musician Simon Barr and Tom Cowcher from Liverpool

5. From me to you and back
28th September to 21 October
Cologne graphics workshop in Sionstal 17, 50678 Cologne
Artists Tracy Hill, Pete Clarke, Tracy Brown, Magda Stawarska-Beavan, Francesca Genna, Neil Morris, Emma Gregory, Jutta Vollmer, Andreas Vietz Guillermo Malfitani, Franziska Windisch, Christina Wrege, Georg Gartz, Assumpta Budig


6. Get back
26th September to 12 October 2012
Kunstraum Twenty Three, Honschaftsstrasse 320, 51061 Cologne

Art at the interface between the individual and history - an exhibition of drawings, paintings and prints of Liverpool artist Pete Clarke

7. Strawberry Fields Forever or: painting, there's no tomorrow
October 7 - 7 November 2012
Exhibition at the Art Room 27, Walter-Rathenau-Straße 27.50996 Cologne
An exhibition of paintings of birds, humans and all living things otherwise - captured picturesque and drawings in the works of the artist Chiz Turn Ross (Liverpool) and Rolf Jahn (Cologne)

8. Two of us
29th September 2012
Studio house, the harbor district '- Atelier Moss Brochhagen (3-83),
bollards Kirchweg 78, 51105 Cologne
Studio exhibition by artist Madeline Hall of the Liverpool studio building, The Royal Standard 'in the studio by the Cologne artist Veronika Moos-Brochhagen
9. Come Together
29th September 2012, 16 clock
Artists 'House, the harbor district' (reading room), bollards Kirchweg 78, 51105 Cologne.
Individuality and community in studio houses, Discussion and one-day exhibition on the importance of studio houses and working conditions in the artistic studio houses in Liverpool and Cologne. With representatives of the Liverpool studio houses, The Royal Standard ', Wolstenholme, "' Creative Space 'and, Arena Studios' and from Cologne studio houses.

10. Old brown shoe
20th September to 22 October 2012
Atelier Anna E. Strengthening, Volksgartenstraße 14, 50667 Cologne
Studio-exhibition of the Liverpool artist Susan Leask and the Cologne photographer
Anna E. Strengthening the studio of Anna E. Strengthening
Opening with English and Irish music played by pianist Thomas Weber

11. Paperback Writer
13th. October 2012, 8.00 pm
Atelier Anna E. Strengthening, Volksgartenstraße 14, 50667 Cologne.
A reading of texts of the Liverpool authors Sean Hignett, Adrian Henri, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Malcolm Lowry and Brian Patten in the joint exhibition by Susan Leask (Liverpool) and Anna E. Strengthening (Cologne)

12. Anytime at all
22nd and 23 September 2012, from 3pm -5pm
Atelier Georg Gartz, Erzberger No. 9, 50733 Cologne
Studio-exhibition of the Liverpool artist Anna Ketskemety in the studio of the Cologne artist Georg Gartz
13. Power to the people - The Art and the Social
23rd September to 23 October 2012
St. Theodore Church, Castle Street 42, 51107 Cologne.
Exhibition of the Liverpool artist David Jacques

14. Chaos and Creation
St. Theodore Church, Castle Street 42, 51107 Cologne.
11th October 2012, 7pm
Myth and Reality in the city of Liverpool and historical documentaries in recent films by the artist David Jacques Screening and Discussion

15. Do you want to know a secret?
27th September - 23 October 2012

Space Gallery, Gottesweg 116a 50939Köln
Exhibition of drawings by Bryan Biggs (Liverpool) and Jürgen Kisters (Cologne)
16. The Beat goes on - notes from Liverpool
4th October 2012, 8.00 pm

Freedom Gottesweg 116a, 50939Köln.
Reading of texts by Juergen Kisters

17. The Mothman or: All the lonely people
22nd September 2012, 8pm
Artclub ', Melchior Strasse 14, 50670 Cologne
Exhibition and performance of the Liverpool artist Tony Knox and Cologne artists Petra Deus and Tine Wille and concerts of the duo, O heart we are old '(Liverpool) and the singer-songwriter Rudolf Koenen (Cologne)

18. Across the Universe: body-motion-life
6th October to 16 October 2012
Opening 6 October, 19 clock, open Mon-Fri 15-18 clock, Sat 13-15 clock

Two video installations of the Liverpool artist Gina Czarnecki
Moltkerei workshop, Moltke Strasse 8, 50674 Cologne

19. What is life? or: Every Saturday, same time
26th September to 15 November 2012
Naturfreundehaus Höhenhaus, Honschaftsstrasse 330, 51061 Cologne

Exhibition of photographs by George McKane with motifs of fans of the Liverpool Football Club Everton Football in the pub "The dark house"

20. Working Class Hero - working class hero
17th October 2012, 19.30 Clock: Kes, Feature, UK, 1969,
24th October 2012, 19.30 Clock: Land and Freedom, United Kingdom, 1995
Directed by Ken Loach Movies

Naturfreundehaus Höhenhaus, Honschaftsstrasse 330, 51061 Cologne

21. Liverpool, movies and life, or: All you need is love
Three evenings with films from Liverpool and an evening in the exchange of films from Cologne
8th October Nowhere Boy , 15th October Boy A 19th October Short program of films by students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and art students from Liverpool Cinema
in Domforum Cologne, Domkloster 3, 50667 Cologne

22. Yellow Submarine meets Red Penguin
Art Gallery of characters, The Red Penguin ', Goltsteinstraße 56, 50968 Cologne
5th October to 31 October 2012
Opening 5th October, 19 clock, open: Thu, Fri 10-18 clock, Sat 11-14 clock An exhibition of cartoons and caricatures from Liverpool and Cologne

Mike Williams, Bill Tidy, Pete Williams, Bill Stott, Albert Rusling (Liverpool)
Peter Gaymann, Walter Hanel, Dirk Meissner, Burkhard Mohr, Burkhard Fritsche (Cologne)


Only a few years after the V2 rockets of Nazi Germany had done in Liverpool as in many other English cities much destruction. In response to the German invasion, the bombing of British military aircraft had again destroyed the city of Cologne nearly complete. For those born after the war, and this seems the poverty of the postwar period, which determined the development of the present Cologne significant, long ago now. Since 1952, the connection between Liverpool and Cologne is very close. It is maintained at different levels. To representative political contacts as well as about football, about the Catholic and Protestant churches, the fire department, industrial production, about student exchange and artistic projects.

In recent years, many artists from Liverpool visited Cologne, Cologne and many artists visited Liverpool to show in each city's own works. There were even a number of projects working directly from Liverpool and Cologne artists. Initiated and organized many of the artistic projects of the initiative, Eight Days A Week 'were. She was now fifteen years ago by Georg Gartz and Juergen Kisters launched at the Liverpool-Cologne-exchange on an artistic level to give a consistent basis. Bryan Biggs and Pete Clarke attacked the idea on Liverpool at the same enthusiasm. Under the name, Eight Days A Week 'since well over a hundred events were realized in diverse artistic and socio-cultural fields. This ranges from large-scale, spanning the entire city theaters to small, intimate shows an artist's studio. The activities take place on the one hand the desire to establish personal contacts between people of Liverpool and Cologne and to continually update. Moreover happen in exhibition and event projects in the knowledge that the works of all arts disciplines reflect both the social as well as individual experiences and trends in a particular culture and a particular time. There are obvious similarities in Liverpool and Cologne, the "image" of the city as well as the mentality of the people on. And there are obvious differences, starting with the English and German cultural imprinting, the historical development and the social structure of both cities. On the background of a European association and here, there and everywhere effective globalization trend from the beginning were the similarities and differences in the similarities in the differences in the focus of the initiative, Eight Days A Week '.

, Eight Days A Week ', in the title of a song over the Beatles, describes a loose association of artists of all kinds from Liverpool and Cologne. It is not a closed concept means. At most, the idea that people make themselves the culture in which they live. Culture and that therefore no irrefutable given state, the process is dependent on their own activities. There is also the belief that the various areas and elements of a culture should be considered in principle always in a context. Cultural and Social Affairs, the visual arts, football, music, literature, popular culture, schools and education, present experience and historical experience inextricably access and penetrate each other mutually. The want the Eight-Days-A-Week activities meet. So also with the festival "EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, the second", which is to take place in autumn 2012 in Cologne. The event package is conceived as another facet in a continuous process in which Liverpool and Cologne creative artists right in the trend towards individualized experience and wine culture, emphasize the collective and communicative dimension of art and culture pronounced.

"EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, the second" combines several art exhibitions, readings, film screenings, lectures and discussions at various locations in the center of Cologne in Cologne and suburbs. You all should do in Cologne know different aspects of the life-world city of Liverpool, make references to the current situation in Cologne and at the same time allow a European perspective to be visible. The report demonstrates that there are currently over Europe and the world's technical, economic, social and cultural developments which lead to similar trends and shape the lives of people internationally. At the same time it becomes apparent that in Liverpool and Cologne in the future development of human-too-human depends on the extent to which people are aware of their historical origins and design with this in mind the process of future socio-cultural transformations active. Art is in addition to the documentation, the best way to make visible what is going on in society and possible.

For the initiative, Eight Days A Week 'is in relation to the cities of Liverpool and Cologne but by far more than just another exciting cultural theme. Many of the years involved in the projects from Liverpool artists have known each other now well out in Cologne. Likewise, many artists from Cologne Liverpool have often visited. One can speak of a special love for both cities. For the city from which you come and is a now familiar. And for the city to which you open yourself, to recognize themselves in. , Eight Days A Week 'is ultimately a love song by the Beatles. The, Eight Days A Week' initiative since its inception follows the self-help idea. The exchanges between the artists and cultural workers are not located primarily in the range of institutions, but on the level of personal relationships. From the outset, personal encounters, and the prospect of the contained continuity in mind. And this concept goes for the past fifteen years to perfect.
Juergen Kisters

Idea and design: Jürgen Kisters
Overall organization: Georg Gartz, Juergen Kisters
Coordination Liverpool: Pete Clarke, Bryan Biggs
Supported by: Culture Department of the City of Cologne, Department of twinning the city of Cologne, Bluecoat Liverpool
With the participation of: artclub cultural work of BBK Cologne eV, Domforum Cologne, space gallery, gallery The Red Penguin, Cologne graphics workshop, art room three twenty, art space 27 Moltkerei workshop, Veronika Moos-Brochhagen, nature lovers Cologne-level house, neighborhood on the harbor, Church of St. Theodore, Anna E. Strengthening, community college Cologne
Spizig Bryan Biggs, Helga Blömer-Frerker, Pete Clarke, Ute Dilger, Barbara Foerster, Barbara Jahn, Lydia Klütsch, Omar Koleif, Catherine Marc Angeli, Missmahl Steffen, Konrad Schmidt Werther, Angela: With special thanks to
Texts / Copyright: Jürgen Kisters
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